The Great Escape

I am so thankful that our last adventure was a bit of a good one. From the very moment we got home and discovered more pesky chicken pox life has been not quite so much fun.  Spots appearing before our very eyes, first child two, then number three and then number four…(but she only has three children?!) Yep Mr Muddy has also fallen victim to the poxy … Continue reading The Great Escape

Chicken Pox, a Job Interview and a Giant Cat

All has been quiet in the land of  mud. Chicken Pox has hit the household.  The youngest being the first to succumb. I suspect the older two will follow shortly. Having always been rather fond of a polka dot print it’s safe to say I’m losing the love rapidly as more spots appear before our eyes.  The upside of course is poorly children are quite … Continue reading Chicken Pox, a Job Interview and a Giant Cat


So tonight I’m in a special mood. Catching up with posts, some published, some languishing in blog purgatory. Waiting for me to decide if I am brave enough to publish. As my husband goes to bed I shove the ipad under his nose. ‘Shall I really publish this shit?’ He confirms that I should. ‘But it’s shit’ He says not. ‘But why do I do … Continue reading Why?