Hopes, Dreams and Muddy boots.


2014. The year that brought about my blogging alter ego.
Born from a moment of insanity. Standing in a park, covered in mud and wrecking a brand new pair of boots. The realisation that I didn’t care, that my girl and I were having a great time. A quick photo to record the moment and then the really daft idea…’Hey I should write this stuff down.’….Possibly not the greatest idea I have ever had…..

Five months later and I’m still continually surprised, delighted, yet equally horrified that people actually read my crazy ramblings. I’ve eventually come out to my husband as a blogger and today (my toes are still curling) to one of my dearest friends. Their positivity and support making me feel that I really can do this, I’m still not sure why …but I flipping well can! πŸ˜ƒ

I’m not one for resolutions, this year’s aim was simple enough.
To enjoy wine.
I love the thought of sitting down in the evening and having a nice glass of wine.
Nope. I still think it tastes of cat’s piss. Mr Muddy takes great pleasure on the scrunching up of my face that follows a sip of wine – I must look hot! πŸ˜‰

(Having just googled wine tasting like cat’s piss, dedicated blogger that I am, I’ve just discovered that cat’s pee commonly features on wine aroma notes. If Google says so it must be true!) πŸ˜‰

This year I’m looking ahead to more achievable goals and aims. As usual I’m keen to challenge myself. To continue to step out of my comfort zone. Usually this leads to fun and adventure, sometimes, not so much. This year it meant I tried paintballing despite being terrified of the thought.
I learnt two important things:
First that paintballing is shit, and secondly that I am actually part ninja. My ninja stealth is truly awesome, no bruises for me! πŸ˜„

/home/wpcom/public_html/wp-content/blogs.dir/de1/71045625/files/2014/12/img_2920.jpg. ⬆️Wise words indeed.⬆️

I will of course continue to embrace my philosophy that life is an adventure, to be enjoyed and living for fun and frolics. Yes life has it’s challenges, mine currently continues to throw them at me. I will however continue to dust myself down and I am truly blessed that I am surrounded by a small but mighty team of awesomeness who put me back on my feet when needed. Thanks guys.
Anyway that’s enough sentimental stuff, the ice in my veins is thawing here.

I hope to be able to continue to inspire my children to love the great outdoors. To love nature more than their iPads, and that real fun and adventures are much better than virtual ones.
So far it’s going well but I’m up against minecraft here!

I would love to travel more, I will forever have itchy feet. Just think of all those adventures out there!

I want mountains! Hailing from East Anglia I’m neglected of hills, let alone mountains. I’d love to complete the three peaks (UK) challenge. I’m chipping away at friends to do this with me. I will wear them down in the end…….

I want fabulous Geoadventures. To take this nerdy, beloved hobby of mine to the next level. I want to find Geocaches in exciting, scary and unusual places. Any suggestions let me know…..
I might even take the step of placing my own. *Gulp*
I need to bond with my new GPS, after a few days spent getting acquainted with brand new technology, adding in the element that I’m a fairly clueless new Mac user. I’m pleased to say finally I’ve reached a set up I’m happy with. What I don’t currently know about Garmins and Macs and maps isn’t worth knowing. Now I’m ready for adventures! ….I hope!

I hope to continue to blog and share my fun and adventures, hopefully I’ll reach a point where I can hit publish and not want to hide. I should say that I’ll work harder on self promotion and publicising my posts but that’s just not something I’m comfortable with. Aside from the cringe factor, a Twitter feed of promoted posts is quite frankly a little dull. I’ll continue with my daily stream of nonsense instead.

So, next year I hope I’m going on an adventure or two and would love for you to come with me.
Follow me, I’ve got the GPS and I’m not afraid to use it……

Happy New Year

Muddy Mum x

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