Geocaching Road Trip

The Flatlands of East Anglia whilst filled with plenty of great locations and creative caches aren’t exactly known for adventurous geocaching hotspots.  I love to travel so a road trip in search of adventurous or interesting caches is always going to be a good thing. This is definitely a cup of tea post though folks, so grab a brew. Awesome caches come with long stories, especially … Continue reading Geocaching Road Trip

Geocaching at Alport Castles

Having received a needs maintenance log for my blog from a helpful twitter stalker, it seems I’m overdue in keeping the virtual world updated with my calamitous caching exploits. Not wanting to deprive my adoring fans, all two of you, (Hi mum!) here’s the next instalment of my rather tame birthday bash in the peak district. Once more the weather was shocking, but it’s winter, … Continue reading Geocaching at Alport Castles

Kissing goodbye to my 30s – Rowtor Rocks and Mam Tor

Hmm So. That 40 Things list. Did I mention blog more, then fall off the face of the earth? With hindsight, top of the list should have been: Survive January. All 4793 years of it. Boy did that mofo drag on, anyway what doesn’t kill you makes you alcohol dependent, medicated, stronger. Apparently. *Dusts self down.* A few additions have since made the list, still plenty to challenge, … Continue reading Kissing goodbye to my 30s – Rowtor Rocks and Mam Tor