40 Things – The story so far.

Woah, we’re over half way there. 

So it’s time to take a look and yup, just like Tommy it would seem I’m *woah* livin’ on a prayer.

A new addition to the top of the list was the unscheduled mid-life crisis. Credit where it’s due, I’ve completely nailed it!

*Takes a bow*

I’ve chosen the design for my first tattoo, the Ferrari is on order and has anyone seen where I’ve put my toyboy…

In all seriousness though, here’s how I’m getting on so far;

1.Finish the Norfolk Coast path


2.Get the Geocache on Ben Nevis

Last time I was up there I missed it due to time constraints and the cold. This fact drives me nuts. GCG6XD I’m coming for you! *But not in a hurry.

3.Crib Goch

Yikes. Still yikes, but I have looked at it from Cym Glas Spur, does that count?

I can confirm it’s definitely still there…

4.Moel Siabod

Yep – post to follow

5.Find a webcam cache

Found one last weekend, it was broken. 😣 The quest continues.

6.A mountain walk in the dark

Last time I did this, I had that Wow! Stars! moment but to be honest I wasn’t really on this planet, this time I’d like to enjoy it. Maybe in the Autumn.

7.Find the five oldest caches in the Region

Found the 2nd (now archived) and 4th in the region. On target.


LeJog- on

9.A hill Walk in the snow

Not much snow this year. Global warming folks, not big, not clever.

10.Five Bucket list geocaches

2 down…

11.Start my training.

Logging commenced, course to be booked imminently. Hmm bet that’s got you wondering…

12.Complete my geocaching DT grid

Only 6 to go now, but getting tougher. Is there anybody out there brave enough to take me out on a boat?

13.Striding edge

Oh yes! Post to follow

14.Sleep somewhere unusual

Does Essex count?

15.Wild camp

Not yet

16.Lord Hereford’s Knob

 I’ve left it alone so far. 😉

17. Find Ten Geocaches with 40 or more favourite points


Super easy for a caching snob like myself. 😉

18.Wherryman’s way 

Safe to say I’d forgotten about that. Abi…..

19. Search for fossils on the Jurassic Coast

Uh-huh. Post to follow

Couldn’t bring this one home sadly…

20.Pendle Hill

*Still The hill that got away. 

21.Leave the country!

Well so far I’ve reported my passport missing…🤷🏻‍♀️

22.Bag Twenty trigs

Possibly three or four so far. Must try harder.

23.Bag Five Wainwrights 

erm 1. But it was a very big one.

24. Annual walking challenge

Claiming a girls weekend away for this one. The challenge involved to get away was pretty epic. Blood and vomit filled Post to follow.

25.Find geocaches in five new counties

Devon and Leicestershire so far.

Crap cache on the border, I’ll take it! 😁

26.Visit a Bothy

Not so sure about this one now. I’d still like to but after some ridiculous hot deals website listing them as a free holiday getaway and rising reports of Bothy misuse, I need to consider where I stand on this ethically.

27. Blog more

Kinda. I no longer want to burn the WordPress servers so I’m taking that as a positive.

28. Try Kayaking

Anyone brave enough to take me?

29. Spot an Otter in the wild. 

Tried. Failed. Big fat DNF. Not giving up yet.

30. Log an Earth Cache

Three in fact. I even gave two favourites. Impressed Steve?

The weirdly wonderful Woolpacks on Kinder Scout

Although this one in East Anglia was a belter, we found a shark tooth!

31. Gaping Gill Winch

Because caving didn’t quite put me off being underground.

32. Solve and find 40 Puzzle caches

34 solved and found so far. Several solved and waiting to be found, I’ve got this.

33. Go on a ghost walk

In Whitby. It was weird. But we had gin after so…

34. A sunset hill walk.

Technically the final eve of my 39th year, but I’m taking it.

35. Improve my Navigation skills.


36. Spot a red squirrel in the wild.

Yes. The cheeky red floofs certainly weren’t shy. In fact double success as I had a chance spot in the Lake District recently too. Totally squealed. 😁

37. Place a cache

I’ve only been awarded an adventure lab. Work in progress at the moment but looking to build it in the next few weeks. Geeky excitement.

38. See the sunrise on Snowdon.

39. Learn some scrambling techniques.

Let someone talk me out of a course last year, silly me. Luckily the opportunity arose again this year. Tales of an awesome weekend to be told soon.

Didn’t die 💪🏻

40. Publish a post with actual photos of me. Possibly the most terrifying challenge of all!

See 39. Yikes. Action badass shots aplenty.

13 thoughts on “40 Things – The story so far.

  1. We have some of the same bucket list! I’ve got Pendle Hill and Crib Goch in my targets! Went down Gaping Gill, brilliant but get there early😀

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  2. Three Earthcaches? Impressed? Yes! Quite impressed actually! Now I want to see the Woolpacks on Kinder Scout myself!

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    1. The Woolpacks are so weirdly wonderful. I love it up there. It’s actually where I spent birthday. In the pouring rain and cold. 😆 I Think it would be an amazing place to wild camp.


  3. What an EPIC list! You’re an inspiration. Good luck in all your endeavors. We’ll be sharing your post on FB’s The Geocaching Guild on Monday (7/29/19) in hopes to shine motivation on even more geocachers.

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  4. Re the Bothys, the ones getting abused are the easy ones to get too, I have stayed in several in the borders and in the lake district and pennines, they are a superb night, just pick one that is a bit of a walk in.
    If you look up Hillgorrilla’s events he sometimes has geocache events at Bothys in the Borders and Wales.
    Iain the bargee

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      1. The family is up there for the next week, but my sister’s coming over from Australia so we’re gallivanting all over. Maybe we can meet in the middle one weekend (though the middle is London, isn’t it?!)

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