Striding Edge

Striding Edge is a renowned ridge and arguably the finest way to summit Helvellyn. Crags and scree fall away from either side of the arête, with plenty of exposure a breathtaking and quite dramatic scene. A grade 1 scramble that’s relatively easy as long as you have a head for heights, and can be made easier by following alternative paths below the main ridge – … Continue reading Striding Edge

Whitby – Against the odds

It’s pretty obvious I like a challenge. Sure I’m a big scaredy-cat but I like to go out, push my boundaries and find the magic that lurks outside of the comfort zone.  Recently however a simple girls weekend away become way more challenging than planned, and as such I’m damn well claiming it for my 40 things Thingamy. 2019 we’ve established is a challenging year. … Continue reading Whitby – Against the odds

Walking The Norfolk Coastal Path. Sea-Palling to Hopton on Sea

Drumroll please. Time to finally hit the final section of The Norfolk Coastal Path. Picking up from where I finished the Norfolk Coastal Marathon 3 ½ years ago, in fact so long ago they’ve extended the path in that time – That’ll teach me. During that post-Christmas time of year when you start to question if you are now actually made of 90% cheese, those … Continue reading Walking The Norfolk Coastal Path. Sea-Palling to Hopton on Sea

Geocaching at Alport Castles

Having received a needs maintenance log for my blog from a helpful twitter stalker, it seems I’m overdue in keeping the virtual world updated with my calamitous caching exploits. Not wanting to deprive my adoring fans, all two of you, (Hi mum!) here’s the next instalment of my rather tame birthday bash in the peak district. Once more the weather was shocking, but it’s winter, … Continue reading Geocaching at Alport Castles