Geocaching Road Trip

The Flatlands of East Anglia whilst filled with plenty of great locations and creative caches aren’t exactly known for adventurous geocaching hotspots.  I love to travel so a road trip in search of adventurous or interesting caches is always going to be a good thing. This is definitely a cup of tea post though folks, so grab a brew. Awesome caches come with long stories, especially … Continue reading Geocaching Road Trip

The Norfolk Coast Path Wells to Weybourne

A Perfect late summer day and the opportunity to get back out on the Norfolk coast. The plan to cover the 16 miles from Wells-next-the-Sea to Weybourne which will join up the sections of the path I’ve already covered. I struggle with the start of any walk, it’s definitely type 2 fun. Why exacty am I attempting to walk 16 miles in order to mentally tick … Continue reading The Norfolk Coast Path Wells to Weybourne

The Cambridgeshire Three Peaks. 

Cambridgeshire? The same Cambridgeshire that’s one of the flattest counties in the UK?  Yep, that’s the one.  Having returned home from my Yorkshire Three Peaks challenge, the post-adventure blues had really set in.  The children having been bored to tears inspired by my Y3P tales were also keen to tackle some hills and have an adventure of their own.  Geographically it was always going to be a … Continue reading The Cambridgeshire Three Peaks.