Unexpected Adventures


It’s safe to say I’m a seize the day kind of person. I’m terrible at not one for organisation and I truly believe you can have the most fun when you least expect it. This past weekend proved this to be true in spectacular style.

Mr Muddy turned up at home on Saturday afternoon having finished work earlier than anticipated, being a kind chap he soon asked if I wanted to get out and find a cache. 😳

Obviously I said no.

Obviously I’m fibbing.

Of course I wanted to go out and find a cache. Having recently solved a geocaching puzzle I was keen to go and find the cache as the coordinates suggested an interesting location, that the family would hopefully enjoy.

The cache hidden within an old military pillbox, we love a bit of urbex (urban exploring).


The cache was new, having only been recently placed and I was thrilled to see the cache owner had made considerable efforts to clean the area up.


So often these wonderful places to explore have to be left well alone as I’m just not happy for the kids to venture into grotty areas. The perfect example of CITO (cache in, trash out.) making our world a nicer place.

After a good mooch around we decided to make the most of the sunshine and the conveniently placed pub nearby. Perfect cache no?

Refreshed we set off for a walk along the river, a fun trek with some ridiculously high stiles to navigate, quite the challenge for little people, and by that I don’t mean the children… *ahem.*

The muddy riverbanks made for an amusing walk as we slipped and slid our way along and miraculously, nobody even fell in.


A delightful place to wander and explore, made even better for the kids as they made the super exciting discovery of a huge piece of poop on a bridge.

It’s a kid thing right? …Please don’t tell me it’s just my kids…

A closer inspection (Ewwww!) revealed more, and the loud exclamation – ‘Ooh! I can see a foot. It’s not poop, it’s a pellet!’


Body parts. 


Thrilled with their discovery and giving a few tentative pokes with a stick until Mr Muddy (my biggest child.😉) got involved with his Swiss Army knife.



That face says it all right?

An unexpected afternoon of loveliness and exploration, in fact far exceeding our planned day of adventures for the following day.

 That one however is a completely different story…




15 thoughts on “Unexpected Adventures

  1. Sounds like a brilliant trip, finding a pellet would be awesome.

    I know what you mean about worrying about caches in urban areas like that, you do have to be careful about what has been discarded.

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    1. Always fascinating to find a pellet. 🙂
      I always try to clean up around my caches, not nice to be taken to areas filled with litter and who knows what.


  2. Love dissecting owl pellets. We often do this activity with the wildlife group I run but it is dependent on me going on a pellet hunt beforehand (although you can buy them online too, that’s an interesting business!)


  3. I often think that those unexpected jaunts often end up being so much fun, probably because we have lower expectations. Loving urbex-might steal that one! When my son is a bit older I think we could really get into geocaching so I’ll be back for tips!

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