Trespass Women’s Walking Boots Review

When it comes to walking I’ve always been a user of trail shoes, light and agile.

However with plans forming to tackle the Three Peaks Challenge, I’m going to need to train on hills and this realistically means boots are in order to avoid wrecking my ankles.

Then with perfect timing, Trespass got in touch to see if I would be interested in reviewing some outdoor gear for them. Boots were an obvious choice, especially as a family we are fairly well kitted out with Trespass gear already – It’s one of my go-to brands for affordable, yet reliable outdoor kit.

The boots I chose were the Kenter Women’s Walking Boots. A supportive pair of boots offering waterproof materials (Nubuck Leather / Mesh / PU.), yet not compromising on breathability. Vibram soles and a protective all-round mudguard make them ready for any adventure.

The boots at first fit felt true to size, of course they seemed heavier than my usual trail shoes but nowhere near as cumbersome as I was expecting.

True to my usual, clumsy Form taking my first steps in them I promptly managed to get the lace loop form one boot tangled in a hook from the other, very nearly face-planting the floor in spectacular style. I soon learnt to tie them much more effectively.

I had a few short walks planned to break the boots in gently, and to get me used to wearing them. Probably wise, given my clumsy nature.

A gentle riverside stroll for the first outing, my feet stayed warm and dry on the slippery, muddy banks.


The boots certainly feeling lighter than I expected, managing the muddy terrain, and providing some much needed grip and support on slippery wet stiles which I swear were designed for giants! (Ok, I’m just really short.)

The next outing; A woodland walk , at this time of year a damp and cold affair. Once again however my feet remained warm, comfortable and dry.


However, you can’t really review boots without truly putting them through their paces. Walking some decent mileage in inclement weather conditions should do the job.

So on a rainy and snowy Sunday, a brisk four and a half miles along the River Ouse. The perfect kind of day for hibernating in the warm, but sometimes you’ve just got to get out there right?

Again my feet remained comfortable during the walk, no overheating, rubbing or blisters. I did feel ready to take them off at the end of the walk but I’d expect that with any walking shoe at this stage. On removal my socks and feet were dry, pretty good going as it was both raining and very wet underfoot.

Now there’s a photo of boots well tested. Please excuse the muddy, Geocacher’s knees. 😉

I’m now looking forward to getting some serious miles from these boots, with the Peddars way – all 46 miles of it, planned for the spring and then more importantly to take them for some adventures on hills, enough to make this East Anglian very excited indeed.

You can find more details about the Trespass range of walking boots here.

I received these boots in exchange for an honest review. All opinions, as always are my own and honest.


6 thoughts on “Trespass Women’s Walking Boots Review

  1. Ooh, mum’s been looking out for some new boots… she usually gets the same Berghaus ones but they always ‘go’ in the same spot so perhaps it’s time to try something new…
    With a dog there’s always a good reason to go out walking every day no matter what the weather!

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    1. Yes, mine’s not keen on the rain but he’s an utter devil without a decent walk. Certainly makes it much less of a chore when you are decently kitted out.


  2. I don’t know if Trespass is available here in Spain but I’ve been told the generic hiking boots from Decathlon are super decent. I’ve still got the same boots I bought 20 years ago. I recently put them through a major test: a water party! when my son stole my flip-flops after a trek to go to the water party and I had nothing else to put on.

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    1. Wowzers, I wear out my trail shoes really quickly. Hopefully I’ll get better longevity with boots then. It’s always hard to part with a pair that have been so comfy and on so many adventures with you.


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