Exciting news…

Although possibly a little late.

*Hangs head in shame*

It must have been all the excitement…

Anyway, belatedly; I made the final five of the GO Outdoors Outdoor Blogger Of The Year competition. 😳

Oh my!

Such a wonderful surprise. I’m pretty ecstatic, and incredibly grateful for all who kindly voted for me.

Having had a pretty testing 2016 the blog inevitably got neglected, so it was such a brilliant surprise to have been even nominated for the competition, let alone to make it that far.
A worthy winner taking the crown, I’m just thrilled that people were kind enough to go out of their way and vote for me.

It means a lot.

Thank you

Clare x

11 thoughts on “Exciting news…

    1. Thanks, so lovely to hear. I often wonder why I’m still blogging but then a beautiful comment like that keeps me going. 😊


  1. Well, you know what i think about your blog, so I won’t embarrass you further by sayin how it is wonderful and exciting and, at times, emotional and above all identifiable… oh bugger πŸ™‚

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    1. Aww thanks, I never really believe it though so it’s always very much appreciated when you say so. Thank you. 😊
      While we’re doing gushy sentiments…my reader is a little forlorn with a lack of washknight posts…#justsaying


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