Fantastic Finds: Off-piste and in the dark.

The first in the series looking at my favourite finds scattered around the UK. The most sensible place to start would of course be my most favourite cache I have ever found, introducing…

Off-piste and in the dark GCZKQ7

  • Cache type: Multi
  • Area: South West England
  • Difficulty rating: 3.5
  • Terrain rating: 4
  • Terrain type: Hillside, off the beaten track, unstable footing
  • Current favourite points: 71
  • Suitable for children: Yes, but supervision required at all times
  • Pushchair/wheelchair friendly: No
  • Equipment needed: Torch

I found this cache about 18 months ago, and have been had it on my watchlist ever since. There has been a grand total of four logs in that time. Just four finds. This makes me very sad indeed.

This multi cache will take you on your very own guided tour of the woods around Sanford Levvy.

As multi caches go it is labour intensive and you will need a couple of hours to make the most of your visit. However it is such an exciting cache it’s effort well spent. The waypoints of the cache will lead you to some really interesting spots in the wood as you navigate some pretty treacherous, hillside terrain, and if you are anything like me end up on your backside numerous times.

The Highlight for me, the final waypoint you are required to visit; Sanford Levy itself. A trip deep inside is required to get the coordinates for the final cache. It’s everything I could ask for from a cache; scary, exciting and a fantastic place to explore. Further equipment is required at this stage but it is provided for you in this fabulously executed cache. Once you brave the Levvy you are rewarded with a treasure trove of bats, cave pearls and flowstone. Move over Indiana Jones…

Cave goodies

Do heed the terrain rating, if anything I’d say nudge it up a bit. You absolutely will need a torch and a clean change of clothes in the car would also be a great idea.

If you don’t mind spoilers you can find my account of the cache here.

Which leaves us with one question; Are you brave enough to go inside?

mr muddy


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  1. Oh my word, that’s an adventurous cache! My daughter actually managed to spot one at the weekend whilst waiting beside a tree for her friendd. I think it had probably been quite well hidden in the summer but was fully visible without all the undergrowth to hide it.

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