Bomber Command 

I recently took a trip to Wales for the UK Mega (Post to follow at some point.) whilst there I of course had to take advantage of some of the fantastic caches on offer in the area. I could have taken some impressive trails to boost my numbers, or I could have appeased my inner stats geek and looked for finds to fill various grids, … Continue reading Bomber Command 

I found it

So last week I was a bit meh about the caching. Keen to get things back on track I set myself a small challenge and have made a conscious effort to seek out higher quality caches.  Having been out on a delightful number collecting mission I needed to retire to the drawing board, and see which solution I could come up with for the set of … Continue reading I found it

My favourite caches

The latest Geocaching challenge this summer is the Geocaching Road Trip The idea being to find six different cache types to earn virtual souvenirs. Now I’m not fussed by a virtual souvenir. However I do as you know like a challenge. I also as you know am quite an unorganised, seize the moment kind of girl. Whilst others have been carefully planning their caches for the challenge … Continue reading My favourite caches