I found it

So last week I was a bit meh about the caching. Keen to get things back on track I set myself a small challenge and have made a conscious effort to seek out higher quality caches. 

Having been out on a delightful number collecting mission I needed to retire to the drawing board, and see which solution I could come up with for the set of numbers which were missing. 

With a couple of possible areas isolated, one seemed far more likely and a helpful message from a previous finder confirmed I was on the right track. 

With the working week over and a gloriously sunny evening I mentioned to Mr Muddy that I was keen to see if I had the correct location established and as a bonus, if I could be the first person to find the cache in over a year. 

He was of course ecstatic with such a suggestion. πŸ˜‰

The search led us to a picturesque rural village, full of those beautiful ‘Chocolate Box’ cottages that give me serious house envy. 

With footpaths leading off in every direction the urge to explore strong, but I was on a caching mission. 

Soon at my established coordinates a tree stump in the exact spot meant things were looking good. 

The disappointment however of moving the stump to find nothing. 

Just soil.


The soil however seemed fairly loose though. 

Could it be buried? 😳 

Buried caches are absolutely not allowed, whilst I’m all for breaking the rules – let’s face it, buried caches are also ridiculous!

With Mr Muddy on the case he soon revealed a welcome sight. 

Come on, you didn’t really expect me to do the dirty work did you? πŸ˜‰

A hint of Ammo can, and a whole heap of satisfaction.

Given Mr Muddy was showing such exemplary digging skills I let him finish the job before he was pounced on by an eager mudling, who in turn was pounced on by her eager mother desperate to get her (not so) grubby mitts on the log book.

A very satisfying find indeed. 

Retuning the cache with somewhat more conventional methods it was time to hit the footpaths and explore. A stunning area I can’t talk too much about or it will spoil the hide. (but if you are local and want the numbers you know I’ll share…) Dozens of images captured in my mind only, as I’m a shoddy blogger and my phone battery ran out, call it a lucky escape if you like…and a rather lovely evening spent outdoors with my faith in geocaching definitely restored.

6 thoughts on “I found it

    1. Yes, you can’t do anything to disturb the environment. No nails in trees, no broken ground, mostly get ignored but caches generally aren’t buried.


  1. That looks like a huge cache! I can see why it was buried, the easiest way to hide it. It makes total sense not to allowed buried ones though, the countryside would be full of holes πŸ™‚

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    1. I always get ridiculously excited when I find an ammo can. Mostly full of tat but a magical moment none the less.


  2. Yay for the return of your geocaching mojo and faith in the hobby!!!! Must be satisfying to find a cache that has gone AWOL. You’d be the one to find it!!!!! Don’t worry about the photos…as long as you enjoyed the day and view….who cares. They say too much photo snapping can ruin a moment. (I must ruin a lot of moments)


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