A visit to Castle Acre

Continuing with my quest for quality caching experiences it was time to dust off my Geocaching to-do list. For a long time I’ve had the Castle Acre caches in my sights and with the sudden, if slightly late arrival of spring it seemed the perfect time to get on and do them.

Castle Acre is a rural village in west Norfolk, taking its name from the walled castle built in the 12th-century by the Normans. The ruins of the castle remain as do the stunning remains of the Cluniac Priory.

The village itself something of a walker’s paradise with routes along the Nar Valley and also the Peddars Way – a walk I’m desperate to do, only it’s 46 Miles long so will take a little organising…

Our journey there somewhat blighted by bank holiday traffic and Mr Muddy being an impatient sort meant I was nervous for what was ahead. 

I’ve dragged the family across the region for caches, through the frustration on heavy traffic and I even detect a hint of hanger (The type of anger that can only be caused by a hungry tummy.)

I was rapidly turning into the bad guy.

With no strop whatsoever 😉 I insisted we stop for food. 

Food is always the answer. 

It even made the traffic go away.

Those caches really had to be worth it.

We were soon at our destination however and I was quickly reassured. A quaint, historic village of winding lanes and oozing charm. The type of village I would move to in a heartbeat.

Parking up at the Castle site my worries were pushed away. A chorus of ‘Wow!’ From the kids as they checked out the rolling hills and crumbling ruins below them. 

They were chomping at the bit to start exploring and rushed out of the car but then they found the ice cream van. 

Game changer.

With ice creams in hand, we were again ready to explore.

With a motte to scale, a bailey to scramble over and a whole heap to explore the children were off doing what children do best, whilst us adults soaked up our stunning surroundings and I failed to keep the smug, ‘I told you so’ look from my face. 😁

It took a while before any thoughts of getting a cache arose but once the team had suitably explored, scrambled and climbed it was time to check the map. The cache itself located on a footpath nearby.

A bison hanging boldly on a gate post. I do like a nice brave hide. 

The caching trail itself some five miles long and consisting of 16 caches. With three family members now firmly in the muggle camp and the puppy in tow I was going to have to be selective. A mere handful chosen, this is about quality not quantity.

Turns out as we backtracked past the castle the kids hadn’t finished exploring it.

 *Ding Ding* Round two!

With surely every last inch of the site now explored we meandered through the village, sighing at the beautiful houses, with even the kids chipping in with a ‘Will we sell our house one day?’ 

Our next destination was the divine Castle Acre Priory. 

A similarly ruinous affair but all the more delightful for being so.

The cache positioned just outside the main gates, just shut up and take my favourite points.

We toyed with the idea of paying to visit but with the pup not best pleased at being back on the lead and actively trying to garrotte himself and the kids fresh from scrambling over the castle I could picture the tension ahead. 

We’ll stick to the caches. 

Turns out it was a fantastic decision. 

£20 saved and as we followed the next section of the caching trail we followed the perimeter with stunning views. 

The fence in no way hampering the magnificence of the ruins, in fact practically low enough that even I would be able to jump it. 😉

The smug face grows and the ‘I told you so.’ Becomes verbal. Isn’t modesty a splendid thing… 😉 

Again the cache placed just off the main route, which whilst sensible I guess, does feel slightly like it’s missing a trick. It doesn’t stop me haemorrhaging favourite points though. 


Apparently caching is really boring, she looks dreadfully bored no?

With one more cache on my hit list, simply called ‘The Ford’, it also screamed must do to me. 

Yep, again a good call. 

A stunning riverside walk.

There’s always one. It’s usually him. 

*Shakes head*

The view from the ford, truly worthy of another favourite point – before I’d even found it!

The cache again, just out of the way. Another Bison, another fence post, another lovely view.

The walk back to the car taking us once more to the castle. 

Nope, turns out they still haven’t finished exploring. Back in for round three. 

Who knew some crumbling old walls could be so interesting? 😉

Only a handful of caches found but those that I did get reminding me why I fell in love with caching in the first place. Discovering amazing new places and apart from food we didn’t even spend a penny for a fantastic day out. Can’t get better than that.

Well worth a visit if you aren’t geocaching. 

19 thoughts on “A visit to Castle Acre

    1. It was, well with the exception of three crazy mudlings charging around, oh and the crazy puppy joining in… 😉


  1. Looks like a very interesting place to be caching at. I hope that I will have the chance to visit England someday (especially since I now have a passport).

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    1. We certainly have some wonderful places to explore in the UK. Hopefully one day I’ll be lucky enough to cache my way around the world.


  2. This time of post and caching finds makes me extremely jealous of your beautiful finds over there! Geocaching here can be cool and we have seen some great things and had some good experiences, but…I wish is I had more amazing finds like what you find!!!!

    I think I need to go there to search ruins and climb castles and more!!!!!!! *sigh*

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    1. I absolutely love the UK, I was born to travel and have eternally itchy feet but haven’t left the country in 10 years (oh my!). However because the UK is packed full of lovely places, history and things to do I don’t yet feel like I’m missing out too much.
      I’m also quite lucky that I live in an area that on the whole people take a bit more effort to make caching a good experience, of course there are still dull ones but generally things are pretty good.

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      1. I haven’t been out of the country in forever as well. Europe was when I was 16….and then Mexico when I was 18. So….14 years. Although there’s also a lot of the US I haven’t seen. If I have it my way I hope to be going to Europe in 2 years! We will see….

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  3. Funny thing is…I found out my biomom’s family is our your way. Close enough that she visited!!!!! 😳

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    1. Oh my, I was literally just sitting here wondering how the bio family thing was going. Should you ever visit this part of the world you absolutely must let me know.

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      1. I will have to see what my last biofam post was. Ha ha. So much has happened in the last few months! If I do….I will let you know! I haven’t contacted biomoms family yet. Was considering it but with it just being Mother’s Day and she passed away on May 18th…I think I should wait a bit. I don’t want to upset them more.


      2. Ahh, so do they know of your existence yet? That’s quite an announcement to make if not. After all these years another few months certainly won’t hurt. x

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      3. Well….biomoms side knows I exist, but not that I am me. Lol. If that makes sense!


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