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Hydro flasks

It’s safe to say I’ve a bit of a thing for outdoors gear. A trip to the nearest outdoors store gets my heart thumping in giddy delight and my bank balance quivering in fear.

When the opportunity arose to test out a new bit of kit; the Hydro Flask, I of course jumped at the chance.

Hydro Flask® is bringing its stainless steel vacuum insulation technology to the UK this summer with the super-versatile Hydro Flask 21 oz bottle.    Hydro Flask makes the bold claim that it keeps cold drinks icy cold for up to 24 hours or hot drinks piping hot for up to six.

Our first test run happened to be one of those rare, scorching hot, spring days. A cold refreshing drink was an essential addition to the backpack as we were off for a riverside explore with a spot of geocaching and would be far away from any facilities.

Whilst it was only an hour or so before we were needing a drink stop, I was genuinely surprised by how cold the drink inside still was. Another point that impressed me was the smooth opening of the bottle. So many of my water bottles you get a mouthful of thread as you sip but with the Hydro Flask this was pleasantly absent  with the lid attaching further down the bottle neck.

Another test run this weekend saw me on an epic geocaching trip across the countryside. Twelve hours, 28 miles walked and 153 caches found. Grabbing a sip of drink on the way home it was still fairly cool for a bottle that had been in my backpack for over 14 hours.

With the British Weather being what it is, heat insulation is equally important.

Especially for a coffee fiend such as myself.

Being the *ahem* organised type I promptly set about testing this function at home. Boiling the kettle and then completely forgetting all about the flask I filled until some seven hours later. Assuming that after such a period of time it would be fairly lukewarm I stuck my finger in to test. Yeah, stupid idea that. So whilst not piping hot it was certainly hot enough for me to pull my finger out quickly.

Not bad little flask. I might finally have found the end to my woes of tepid coffee on the trail.

Of course effective insulation comes at a cost. The Hydro Flask is a little heavier than the normal cups or bottles I’d carry about but unless weight is of paramount importance to your expedition, I really can’t see it being an issue. Mine gets happily carried around in my backpack all day without feeling unduly cumbersome.

Its slim design means it still fits handily in the side pocket of my backpack or thanks to the cap design could be easily attached or hooked to your straps if you prefer.

Being the clumsy Klutz I am, I can confirm the Hydro Flask is a durable piece of kit. A pub stop at the weekend saw me dropping the bottle from my backpack as I approached the bar. Dropping onto the hard stone floor with one heck of a clatter, enough to ensure the locals all swivelled round to greet me…’err hi!’ *sheepish wave*

The Hydro Flask however survived without a dent or scratch. Phew. Probably a good point here to mention the powder coat for sweat-free grip and extra durability.  Guess my backpack didn’t get that memo… 😉

It’s safe to say that the Hydro Flask has quickly become a favourite piece of kit in our house; from long hikes to short trips to the adventure playground it has become a permanent feature of my backpack. With a RRP of £23.95 it’s more of an investment in decent kit but Mr Muddy is considering buying his own after using mine.


Material: 18/8 Pro Grade Stainless Steel

Insulation: TempShield™ Vacuum Insulation

Volume: 621 ml

Bottle Height: 224 mm

Bottle Width: 73 mm

Weight: 295 g

SRP: £23.95

I was given a Hydro Flask to test in exchange for an honest and impartial review.

For more info see the Hydro Flask website here.

4 thoughts on “Hydro Flask Review

  1. It sounds as though it would be fairly child proof too, therefore if it lasts for a few years, it wouldn’t be that expensive. I love your description of dropping it at the bar ha! X

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    1. Ha, no point being a doofus and not sharing it. 😉
      I’m a firm believer in you get what you pay for. Quality kit isn’t cheap but I do keep my eyes peeled for a bargain.


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