A caching catch up; Swamps, Wees and Wellies.


It’s been a little while, time for a cuppa and a catch up. 

I have Lots of drafts in progress, lots of posts in my head, but hey, I’m a lousy blogger. No biggie. 

Enough with the waffle I hear you cry. I know, you just want to hear about the puppy. 

Well he’s grown, an awful lot. Doubled in size in fact. 


My days have been rammed full of puppy, lucky I’ve been able to scale work right back so instead I’ve had the *ahem* joy  of chasing Basil all day long to retrieve shoes, children, or the cat from his chops. Think Benny Hill, channelling Sybil Fawlty… Yep that’s my life right now. 

Mopping up puddles of pee and cringing as I show in the chap who has come to read the electric meter and the dog rocks up and proudly presents him with a pair of my undercrackers. (Clean of course!)  Oh it’s brilliant. 🙄

He’s a bit of a handful, but then he’s a high energy, high maintenance mix of breeds. He also can’t leave the house for another week. 

*Bangs head against the wall* 

Unfortunately I’m equally high energy, and high maintenance and not coping all that well with being cooped up inside. Spare a thought for Mr Muddy, I’m a veritable ray of sunshine. 

Of course poor Baz does have to be left at times, so I have been able to sneak out for the odd caching fix. I do however confess that I’ve been a bit slack since I’ve completed the calendar. I’m down to one cache a week, at a push. Shocking right? 

Luckily local cachers have been busy putting a few new ones out. I sway wildly with FTFs, I occasionally rush out but mostly I’m like a vulture and Hoover up what’s left, if the competitive scrum fails to materialise. 

So mostly I’ve been watching from afar. I did however get one in the bag on Good Friday. A nice little puzzle, I do like the satisfaction of completing a puzzle. I equally hate them. Bloody things. 😉 

I’ve managed to pull my finger out with regards to placing caches, four new ones in the pipeline; two puzzles, a field puzzle and one for which I can only apologise. 

I can’t really take the blame however,  Mr Muggle Muddy wants to place a higher terrain cache, whilst I panic about killing everybody and insist at least he cleans the area. 

Ha! That was sure to make him forget all about it.

Oh bugger.

 He cleaned it.

With the kids now on school holidays the effort somewhat renewed to get out and about, a good start today with a trip out to take final readings for my new caches and then a walk in the sunshine to collect some new local caches and discover some new local places.

A local swamp explored, who knew there even was one?!
Another discovery of a great spot near a stream in a local village. The kids promptly declared it awesome, pondered if it was too deep for their wellies and figured there was only one way to find out.


Yeah, it was too deep. 😉


19 thoughts on “A caching catch up; Swamps, Wees and Wellies.

  1. Hah! Hope the water wasn’t too cold (in March. Brrrrr). Looks like you’ve been having a fab time. Just think what a help Baz will be caching 😀


  2. Wow what fun, mum and me don’t attempt those ‘dangerous’ caches, she always knew there must be a point to having children but all those years ago she hadn’t discovered geocaching so had no need of tree climbers. You could rent yours out to children-less cachers!
    Basil is growing into a fine young pup! What breed is he? He’s a gorgeous colour and has such great teflon fur, unlike my shaggy coat that gathers mud & brambles & seeds & slugs etc. If he gets really big you can buy him a doggy back pack and then he can carry your caching swag bag (I’m too short thank goodness). Don’t forget to get him his trackable code!

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    1. Ooh yes, I could absolutely loan out the kids, actually a local cacher has asked if they can borrow my husband for tree climbing.

      Basil is a Vizsla crossed with a Weimaraner – or to give it its swizzy name; a Vizmaraner!

      Doggy backpack?! My mind is blown.


  3. Ha! Undercrackers made me giggle! Kids and animals, you can always rely on them to put you in compromising positions. (And I’m secretly glad you’re not caching as much at the mo, makes me feel less geo-challenged!)

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    1. No point suffering pant trauma if you can’t share it with the world right? 😉
      I need to get my caching cape back on, poor Basil has a shock ahead of him once he meets my geeky alter ego. 🤓

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  4. Aww, what a lovely dog. Just been reading up on them. Well suited to your lifestyle, good for hunting, tracking, jogging and loads of energy. Aww he’ll love his new geocaching outdoorsy life.

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  5. Basil!! Ahhh love the name, and he looks fun!
    I was trying to work out exactly what the high rise photo was showing but I started to feel a bit sick so stopped…my conclusion, it looks high.
    Glad you’ve been able to get out a bit amongst the head banging x

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    1. He’s a loveable rogue and every inch the terrible toddler my own children weren’t.
      Don’t worry, if they fall down it’s into a river! Oh my.

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  6. Basil will love being the new geohound on the block 🙂 He may even help you out with the blogging like Stella does for me! I think I preferred your caches before Mr Muddy got involved though 😉

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