On Your Bike – Cycling Essentials

With Spring in the air it’s time to start preparing for an adventure filled summer. Choosing a holiday, discovering new places to explore and dusting off all those bits of equipment. 

My aim for the year is to get out on our bikes more. With just one of the children left to ditch the stabilisers, this will be the year we get out for some two wheeled adventures and make use of some of the great cycleways we have throughout the fens.

Halfords have devised a nifty Cycling Essentials Guide, full of useful information for all cyclists, whether you are a casual rider, cycling commuter or planning some extreme cycling adventures.


Filled with all the information you need to get yourself kitted out, safely, stylishly and to improve your performance.






With advice on accessories to enhance your adventures and helpful reminders of what you might need if things don’t quite go to plan…because they rarely do right?


I’ve personally got my eye on a nice shiny GoPro, what a great way to capture our family cycling adventures.

So if you’re a cycling novice like me or simply looking to spend more time outdoors on your bike it’s well worth checking out Halfords for inspiration and advice.

This is a collaborative post, as ever though all opinions are my own.




12 thoughts on “On Your Bike – Cycling Essentials

  1. Ooh exciting. What’s a Go Pro? I have to admit I shall probably be jealous of your flat terrain, cycle tracks (all we have are potholed roads – an adventure in themselves) and sunshine but look forward to reading of your adventures. I must dust off my bike which I’m ashamed to say hasn’t seen the light of day since last November.

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    1. It’s a brand of action cam, you can attach them to yourself, your bike or what I’m most excited about – your dog! 😊

      Indeed our cycle ways are very flat, I really miss hills and mountains but not cycling up them! 😉

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  2. I would like to see your Go Pro adventures – especially the bits that perhaps very occasionally don’t go quite to plan *wicked cackle*

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  3. I found a generic go pro on wish app that has great reviews. I love the idea though!!! Before I can go all fancy biking kit needing…I should probably get myself a decent non boys bike. A big girl one…:huh?

    Hubby: “why should we buy you a new bike when you don’t ride the one you have”

    Me: the one i have was made for a teen boy with a much smaller butt that can handle the pressures of a crap seat. Not a 31yr old butt that has pushed two children out of its body and deserves some cushion while pushing that bike around!

    I think a go cam just for Geodog would be awesome!!!!!! 🙂


    1. I need to get a bike, a comfy seat is absolutely a priority. Stick to your guns there girl. 😉
      Puppy cam at the moment would be lots of running around in very excited circles.

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      1. I imagine that geodog could even have his own YouTube channel! 🙂

        I plan on sticking to my guns. I haven’t had a new bike since gradeschool. I may even splurge for one of those racks to carry things on the back and a basket and cellphone holder and what i call a big butt comphy seat! He may not like that either!

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    1. Santa said I could have one for Christmas last year but I need to decide which one I want still. It could be an interesting watch if I attached to the dog, he’s quite a lively chap! Ha!


      1. I bet watching the Dog’s adventures would be brilliant!! They did something similar with cats once but I never did see it…if it was Tuxedo it would just be him prowling about the house looking dismissively at my mother and worshipping my father!

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  4. I’m looking forward to getting out on the bikes again too. I usually cycle to work a couple of days per week in the summer but it’s cross country and still way too muddy at the moment.


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