The National Three Peaks Challenge.

*Taps screen* Hello? *Bangs screen* Anyone still there? So quite the blogging break I’ve had. I’d love to tell you I’ve been off having marvellous adventures, but sadly I can’t. Sometimes real life gets in the way of fun and adventure. However all hope was not lost. Having had the National Three Peaks Challenge booked since forever, adventure and challenge had been looming on the … Continue reading The National Three Peaks Challenge.

The Cambridgeshire Three Peaks. 

Cambridgeshire? The same Cambridgeshire that’s one of the flattest counties in the UK?  Yep, that’s the one.  Having returned home from my Yorkshire Three Peaks challenge, the post-adventure blues had really set in.  The children having been bored to tears inspired by my Y3P tales were also keen to tackle some hills and have an adventure of their own.  Geographically it was always going to be a … Continue reading The Cambridgeshire Three Peaks. 

When Mountains are calling…

I live in East Anglia, deep in the fens. It’s flat. In fact, parts of it under sea level. I dream of walking hills and mountains. *Wistful sigh* I’m sure the reality would involve a lot of red-faced puffing, panting and pain but for now we’ll stick with the dreamy image of sunbeams, snowy peaks and lederhosen… Sometimes though, you have to do something about … Continue reading When Mountains are calling…

Fen Skating

I’m quite fond of winter. Wrapping up warm, big fluffy jumpers, blankets and boots.  Legend has it I was born during a snow storm, prompting my grandmother to swiftly name me her snow goose. Ahh.  With the recent hint at possible snowfall I could only forlornly follow on Instagram as snowy scenes and images of fairly dodgy snowmen were posted whilst our pathetic regional attempt … Continue reading Fen Skating