40 Things To Do

I’m not really one for lists.

A terrible procrastinor and spontaneous at heart. Lists mostly spoil my fun.

However as old age looms, I’ve been working on a more positive list. A list to help celebrate a milestone birthday. (The clue’s in the title.)

I know.

How is that even possible?

I don’t look a day over 30 right? 😉

So this *shudder* list is an attempt to make my 40th year a year worth celebrating.

To challenge and put me out of my comfort zone and hopefully to keep me so busy I won’t have a spare moment to stop and look for grey hairs glitter strands…where did I put those tweezers…

It’s still a work in progress and open to suggestion but hopefully by my birthday* I’ll have a finalised idea of how to make next year a truly awesome one.

A mixture of challenge, adventure and all round outdoors awesomeness.

Some I’ll need help with – Crib Goch, I’m looking at you, and if anyone wants to join me on any – give me a shout, I’m sure you can’t ALL be psychopaths…

40 Things

1.Finish the Norfolk Coast path

2.Get the Geocache on Ben Nevis

Last time I was up there I missed it due to time constraints and the cold. This fact drives me nuts. GCG6XD I’m coming for you!

3.Crib Goch


4.Moel Siabod

5.Find a webcam cache

6.A mountain walk in the dark

Last time I attempted this, I had that Wow! Stars! moment but to be honest I wasn’t really on this planet, this time I’d like to enjoy it.

7.Find the five oldest caches in the Region


(I’m so kidding!)

9.A hill Walk in the snow

But it’s me, so I’ll spend 90% of the time on my backside. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

10.Five Bucket list geocaches

The chance to grab some of those caches I’ve always wanted to do

11.Start my training.

What training? A girl’s allowed some secrets…

12.Complete my geocaching DT grid

So close but yet so far

13.Striding edge

14.Sleep somewhere unusual

15.Wild camp

16.Lord Hereford’s Knob

Don’t judge.

17. Find Ten Geocaches with 40 or more favourite points

18.Wherryman’s way

19. Search for fossils on the jurassic Coast

20.Pendle Hill

The hill that got away. Visited recently, couldn’t go up.

21.Leave the country!

It’s been a while…

22.Bag Twenty trigs

23.Bag Five Wainwrights

24. Annual walking challenge

Yet to be arranged, what say you Abi?

25.Find geocaches in five new counties

26.Visit a Bothy

27. Blog more

28. Try Kayaking

29. Spot an Otter in the wild

30. Log an Earth Cache

Just for you Steve.

31. Gaping Gill Winch

Because Caving didn’t quite put me off being underground.

32. Solve and find 40 Puzzle caches

33. Go on a ghost walk

34. Find the five oldest caches in my region

35. Improve my Navigation skills.

36. Lud’s church and the roaches

37. Place a cache

38. See the sunrise on Snowdon.

39. Learn some scrambling techniques.

40. Publish a post with actual photos of me. Possibly the most terrifying challenge of all!

41. Feel thoroughly depressed that all these awesome experiences have been completed.

Aww 😆
*Dec 20th – Presents encouraged. 🙂

6 thoughts on “40 Things To Do

  1. Wow, well boredom certainly won’t be showing up in your 41st year that’s for sure. As for the invite, um.. I think I’ll stick to just reading about your challenges sat on a nice warm sofa with hot brew in hand. I shall look forward to the many posts of 2019, hope you have a wonderful birthday.

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  2. An earthcache made the list after all! Hop the pond and log an earthcache for a 2-fer. 40 is no big deal but it is a good excuse to get out and have some fun


    1. I don’t think I’ve been good enough to get a ticket to the states from Santa for Christmas. I’ll make sure to research a really special earth cache, if I’ve going to do one – it needs to be special. 😀

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  3. I’m still liking the jersey walking idea…..technically that would mean you leave the country too? Or does jersey not count??


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