Striding Edge

Striding Edge is a renowned ridge and arguably the finest way to summit Helvellyn. Crags and scree fall away from either side of the arête, with plenty of exposure a breathtaking and quite dramatic scene. A grade 1 scramble that’s relatively easy as long as you have a head for heights, and can be made easier by following alternative paths below the main ridge – … Continue reading Striding Edge

Whitby – Against the odds

It’s pretty obvious I like a challenge. Sure I’m a big scaredy-cat but I like to go out, push my boundaries and find the magic that lurks outside of the comfort zone.  Recently however a simple girls weekend away become way more challenging than planned, and as such I’m damn well claiming it for my 40 things Thingamy. 2019 we’ve established is a challenging year. … Continue reading Whitby – Against the odds

Geocaching Road Trip

The Flatlands of East Anglia whilst filled with plenty of great locations and creative caches aren’t exactly known for adventurous geocaching hotspots.  I love to travel so a road trip in search of adventurous or interesting caches is always going to be a good thing. This is definitely a cup of tea post though folks, so grab a brew. Awesome caches come with long stories, especially … Continue reading Geocaching Road Trip

Walking The Norfolk Coastal Path. Sea-Palling to Hopton on Sea

Drumroll please. Time to finally hit the final section of The Norfolk Coastal Path. Picking up from where I finished the Norfolk Coastal Marathon 3 ½ years ago, in fact so long ago they’ve extended the path in that time – That’ll teach me. During that post-Christmas time of year when you start to question if you are now actually made of 90% cheese, those … Continue reading Walking The Norfolk Coastal Path. Sea-Palling to Hopton on Sea