Bomber Command 

I recently took a trip to Wales for the UK Mega (Post to follow at some point.) whilst there I of course had to take advantage of some of the fantastic caches on offer in the area.

I could have taken some impressive trails to boost my numbers, or I could have appeased my inner stats geek and looked for finds to fill various grids, maps and challenges, but that’s not really my thing.

Nope. I wanted an adventure.

With a few of my bucket list caches in Wales they were very tempting, but also in the wrong direction. Hmm

I then stumbled upon Bomber Command.

A tradtional cache placed on the now pretty much abandoned RAF Tilstock Air field in the wonderfully named Twemlows big wood. Ideally situated near Shrewsbury and so perfect for the journey home.

A world war 2 relic just crying out to be explored.

It looked perfect; sort of on the way home, off the beaten track of mega cachers, a great place to explore and just the right kind of terrifying for a big wimp like myself. 🙂

So after a morning of selective caching (Yet another potential post. Yes, I spoil you. 😉 ) it was time to head home, once we’d scared ourselves silly of course.

Despite the busy main road just yards away, the woods became dense quite quickly and with some idea of what awaited us the atmospheric Heebie-jeebies grew.

As our path snaked through the woods we began to pick out the outlines of the eerie abandoned buildings and the Heebie- jeebies were joined by goosebumps.

For once I was organised, a backpack yielding torches…just too bad I forgot a pen. Well you can’t win ’em all…

The first few buildings were light and open, gently allowing us to get used to our surroundings and hint at what was in store.


My GPS showed we were nearing the cache, with growing nerves and trackables to drop we were keen to make the find. and get the hell out of there.

As we ventured deeper into Ivy covered alleyways the creepiness definitely notched up a gear, or two.  

Optimistically we skirted the building with no joy.


Time to head inside. *eeeeek*

A quick peek through a nearby hole in the wall preparing us for just how dark it was inside.

Following the perimieter of the building and along the labyrinth* of corridors, the fear factor increasing at every turn. Finally we found our dark room.

Oh. My.

Without too many hiding places in the derelict Ops room it thankfully didn’t take us too long to find the cache.

Amusingly a log left on the same day by another cacher states ‘You don’t really need a torch.’ 

Clearly they eat a lot of carrots, or maybe the sun shines out of their rear end. *Shrugs*

You really do need a torch, preferably ten.

With the cache found it was time to explore.

We’d seen on the cache page that there was an old car in one of the buildings. Cool.

Could we find it?

Could we heck.

Yep, we’d managed to find a small piece of tupperware but couldn’t find a flipping car. 

We did however manage to find this; I have absolutely no idea what it was, apart from bloody creepy – especially when your friend keeps looking at the pitch black doorway behind you.


Pressing on further into the woodland however we were soon to discover more buildings, in an even greater state of decay.

At times tip-toeing through sections of buildings which looked like they could tumble at any moment. (Worry not Health and safety police, there wasn’t much above us if they did.)

Then finally someone called out that they had spotted the car.

Quickly followed by cries of “Oh my God, there’s a gun!’

Quite how I remained standing I’m not sure, but luckily it didn’t take us long to deduce it was a toy. Phew!

With the site well and truly explored it was time for the long drive home, as we left I noticed the land was up for sale (Slightly tempted 😉 ) so I fear the buildings and cache may not be around very much longer. 🙁

So if it appeals, go for it sooner rather than later.

A fantastic cache and place to explore, well worthy of the detour especially if you like scaring yourself stupid (although that’s quite possibly just me..).

*Ok it felt like a Labyrinth, probably a small corridor – It was very scary!

14 thoughts on “Bomber Command 

  1. “or maybe the sun shines out their rear end”. Someone really needs to start a list of ‘Clare Quotes’. Sounds like another good caching adventure…

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  2. I was also a fan of that quote! You must have a secret manual of ‘Cool places and how to find them’ Looks fascinating, big fan of abandoned buildings for any reason.

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    1. Just the patience of trawling through pages and pages of geocache listings. Don’t much care about the caches themselves I’m just all about these amazing hidden places they help me find.
      So tempted to treat myself to a wood and ensure the buildings don’t get destroyed, wonder if I could put it through expenses… 😉

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  3. What a great post Clare! Even though scary — it sounds like a lot of fun! I would have been right there with you!

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      1. Guess that’s why there’s always a “House of Horrors” at the state fairs! Enjoy your caching.


  4. That quote made me laugh out loud too! I would need ten torches, I think I’m too much of a whimp for this one & that gun definitely looks real ha! X

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    1. There were so many times Lisa when I would have happily said ‘Nope – lets go home.’ 🙈
      Glad I did it though, even if it did age me dramatically 😂


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