The Cambridgeshire Three Peaks. 

Cambridgeshire? The same Cambridgeshire that’s one of the flattest counties in the UK?  Yep, that’s the one.  Having returned home from my Yorkshire Three Peaks challenge, the post-adventure blues had really set in.  The children having been bored to tears inspired by my Y3P tales were also keen to tackle some hills and have an adventure of their own.  Geographically it was always going to be a … Continue reading The Cambridgeshire Three Peaks. 

Geocaching at Bartlow Hills.

The age old debate of quantity versus quality. I’m happily pitched in the quality camp. Happy to go above and beyond for a special cache. That’s not to say I don’t enjoy the odd flirtation with chasing numbers. (Such a floozy!😉) Occasionally it is enjoyable to spend a day completing a trail and satisfying of course to watch your numbers gradually rise. Having been caching … Continue reading Geocaching at Bartlow Hills.