The Great Escape

I am so thankful that our last adventure was a bit of a good one.

From the very moment we got home and discovered more pesky chicken pox life has been not quite so much fun. 

Spots appearing before our very eyes, first child two, then number three and then number four…(but she only has three children?!)

Yep Mr Muddy has also fallen victim to the poxy pox. 

Our Easter plans all cancelled, no fun to be had here. 

Our week a whirl of medicine giving, catering to every whim, running porridge baths (yes really!) and boredom busting – netflix I love you!

For a lover of being outdoors this quarantine is tough, even more so as the first chicken pox victim is now fully recovered and keep to get back out there. We are climbing the walls.

However we’ve found a sanity saving strategy, whilst the family doze we’ve taken to dashing out for aptly named caches and dashes. Who’d have thought driving to a local lay-by to find a rather dull magnetic cache could be so exciting? 

See. It really is exciting!

Fingers crossed I have super immunity *chucks more green stuff in the nutribullet*, trust me if I get this, the whole world is going to know about it! 

Get well soon Mr Muddy x 😷

10 thoughts on “The Great Escape

  1. Oh no, more pox! I managed to get it again a couple of years ago (thankfully with less spots) and I actually thought I was going to die. I feel for Mr Muddy. I hope everyone feels better soon. The caches and dashes sound like fun though.


    1. Mr muddy regularly tells me he is going to die, I’m ready to dig the hole! 😉
      It really is shocking in adults though, I thought the children were spotty but he’s a whole other level! Hope you’ve had a fun Easter 🙂


  2. Ouch! (or is that “Itch!”?) I had chicken pox as a child, and it was a pretty severe case. I even still have a couple of scars if you look closely. Best wishes to the Muddy family!

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    1. Only one of the children got off lightly with a mild case, the rest of them got it terribly. Luckily I was too young to remember having it.


  3. Oh no! Not more pox!!!! No fun! I had them when I was little and my and both my brothers had them on vacation. Never heard of that kind of bath…I think we did baking soda.

    Hope all get well soon!!!! Hang in there!!


      1. The spots took a while to fade on me. I remember not wanting to eat or sleep. Just cry. I hated it. But….I was maybe 6-8ish. Lol.


      2. Good news is USUALLY if you’ve had it once….you don’t get it again. Rare cases happen where people get it again, but hopefully you aren’t one one them! Fingers crossed and knock on wood! 😊


      3. I’m glad Mr Muddy is starting to feel better though. Any improvement is better than none at all.


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