A wander at wandlebury


Oh the joys of waking up to crusty, scabby children and the option to bust out of this place. Hurrah!

The children thrilled to be out of quarantine, requested tree climbing and so we headed off to Wandlebury Country Park.

The park is just outside Cambridge in the Gog Magog Downs. 

It has hills! Albeit quite small ones, but enough to make these East Anglians giddy.

A nature reserve set on the former site of an Iron Age hill fort, the concentric ditches of which remain and proved a wonderful place for children to explore. The chalky ditch lined with trees, fun to scale and then slide back down. With hollows to explore and trees suitable for climbing in abundance. 


The reserve is home to a rather awesome herd of Highland cattle, I seriously love those dudes. 

Today however not so much. 

Geocaching addict that I am, I was of course prepared for caching in a new area and was keen to bag my first virtual geocache. 

Whilst I can usually be found rummaging in bushes for boxes, today’s virtual cache required me to find a place, take information from this place and message the cache owner this info in order to claim my find. 

I knew I was looking for a trig point. 

Uh oh!  (I have History!)

The trig point however was incredibly easy to spot, standing proud in a lush, green pasture. 

A lush green pasture of grazing cattle. 

I’m up for that challenge, those big horns don’t scare me! 

Oh and there’s an electric fence too.


Whilst I’m brave stupid enough to run this particular gauntlet, the children were however not so keen to witness. 



I’ve since found out that usually the required information is displayed on the gate.  Today however there was nothing to be seen. I may take a peek online to track the required information down. It does feel a little like I’m cheating myself but is it really any different from those other cachers getting the info from the very gate I stood at?

We were lucky enough to be joined for the day by some good friends. 

A friend who happens to be one of the few who knows about my geocaching escapades. 

In fact she has once muggled me at a cache, much to her amusement. 

At last it was time for her to have a geocaching adventure of her own.

 (Please not a DNF πŸ™)

Luckily we had an easy find this time, and ensured our friends were muggles no more. 

I fully expect she’s opening a geocaching account as I type πŸ˜‰


Check out the anticipation on that dear little man’s face. The fun of his first find.

Although I suspect he may actually be wondering what on earth we were doing. πŸ˜‰

8 thoughts on “A wander at wandlebury

  1. That’s what my face would look like too. I’ve never heard of a virtual cache. I’m going to look it up. Some wonderful place names. Wandlebury even sounds relaxing. So pleased you are free again. I hope Mr M is also recovering well.


    1. That feeling of freedom after being stuck inside for so long, just wonderful! Mr muddy is no longer in the worst of it but he’s got a way to go yet.
      We really are spoilt for wonderful places to visit in our area aren’t we!


  2. There’s so many different kinds of caches. I am still trying to catch up and learn them all! We did have a fun one that was a combo. Real and virtual. You had to find the cache and then looking in the direction of it send the name of a certain business. The name of the Geocache was “Watch out for these” and the business was called Muggles.

    Although….judging by the interior it was named for Harry Potter and not geocaching. πŸ™‚

    I love taking muggle friend on their first rodeo. Glad it was a fun successful find!


  3. I like your “pie” photo mosaic up there… how do you make all those cute photo graphics? Is it build into your site, or do you use an app?


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