Oops! What happens when short people climb trees.

It’s me, in a tree! (Don’t look too close, it’s not a flattering angle!)

There was much excitement last night as a new local series of caches was published. 

Perfect timing with the children on Easter holidays. 

A closer look however revealed this was not your average series. A series of challenging tree climbs to colour in your D/T grid in a flash. 

One for the watch list! 

My inbox was strangely quite this morning. Nobody was attempting the new caches. 

My children in shocking contrast, now back to full health were far from quiet.

Time to get those kiddies outdoors and I have to admit curiosity was getting the better of me…..

With the promise to Mr muddy that we would only be seeing what was on offer and would absolutely not do any climbing without him….


We parked up at the first tree. 

It didn’t look very challenging. 

I had a peek up and couldn’t see anything. 

Another peek and a flash of shiny red metal high up in the tree caught my eye. 

It would be rude not to try wouldn’t it? Never mind the fact I’m wearing a dress and my best jeans. 

I can see a bison and I just want to get it!  (A bison is a small shiny metal tube if you are wondering, not a bovine – that would be much easier to find!)

An easy scramble up the tree and the last stretch to the cache. 

Oh Poop! 

If only I was an inch taller. I can touch it, but can’t quite get it. 

Miffed I return to the ground.

We follow the trail, checking out the various trees. With no hints and tree coverage to contend with it was sometimes a challenge to work out which tree. So far nothing too challenging and I manage to keep my promise and my feet firmly on the ground. 

We reach cache number five. As we approach there is no mistaking which tree it will be, an epic beauty of a tree dominates the forest. We find three forlorn looking cachers at the bottom of it. 


 I spy what looks to be a decon box up in its branches. I’m informed there is another. Ooh! 

We decide to call it a day. One final look through the list of caches and I notice that one of the caches appears to be a regular hide, with a low d/t rating. It also appears to be unfound. Should we? 

Of course we blooming did! A nice quick find with my feet firmly on the ground and a fresh, clean log to boot. Sweet!  

We head back to the car. 

Maybe one more go at that first tree. 

Up I go again and oddly this time I can reach it. If I could I’d air punch, but I don’t want to break my neck. 😉

Luckily, ever the optimist I’d stuck a pen in my pocket so could sign that all important log. 

Now to return it. 


On opening the bison tube I had effectively cut its length. I now couldn’t reach the lid which was tied to the tree. No amout of stretching or precarious balancing was going to help.

Oh bugger. 

What do I do?

Usually my husband will charge in and save me from the silly predicaments I find myself in, only he’s still ill in bed.

Twitter? Caching friends? Surely someone can offer some sensible advice!

If I had any signal that is! Argh!

So what did I do? 

Another muddy mum improvisation and a sheepish log to the CO.

Here’s what I wrote:

So this is embarrassing….

Came for a walk with the children to scope out the caches and requirements for a later date. Saw this one and decided that it was more achievable than I expected so up I went. I’m not the tallest and on my first attempt couldn’t quite reach. Walked some of the route, (number 5 looks awesome!) and on return to the car decided to have another crack at this. Back up I went and this time I could get it! signed and then attempted to replace. Having lost the length of the bison by opening it I can’t now reach the lid. Swore a bit, went back down the tree and found a plastic bag in my backpack. I put the cache in the plastic bag and went back up the tree one more time. Have tethered the bag to the branch slightly below. As it stands it doesn’t affect the difficulty but obviously does need sorting asap. 

Very sorry. Off to put myself on the naughty step….

Thinking of changing my geocaching name to calamity cacher, it’s got a certain, truthful ring to it! 

5 thoughts on “Oops! What happens when short people climb trees.

    1. I think he knows I can’t resist a cache! He was mortified about not getting it back up properly though. His strategy was deny it!?! Umm hello my name is on the log….. 😉

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  1. Oh dear!!!
    Fun story to share on blog…yes!
    I am “vertically challenged” as well so….I feel your pain! I give you props for scaling a tree. Even more for doing it in a dress!


  2. More exciting then our first trip but…. those would be the kind of caches I’d like to explore! Good on you.


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