Kissing goodbye to my 30s – Rowtor Rocks and Mam Tor

Hmm So. That 40 Things list. Did I mention blog more, then fall off the face of the earth? With hindsight, top of the list should have been: Survive January. All 4793 years of it. Boy did that mofo drag on, anyway what doesn’t kill you makes you alcohol dependent, medicated, stronger. Apparently. *Dusts self down.* A few additions have since made the list, still plenty to challenge, … Continue reading Kissing goodbye to my 30s – Rowtor Rocks and Mam Tor

A New Year By The Sea

My favourite festive tradition in the Mud and Nettles household is our annual Yuletide trip to the beach. We don’t live particularly near to the coast but I find it’s the perfect way to see in a fresh new year, blowing away the cobwebs and rolling walking off some of those extra Christmas stones pounds. This year with a new phone in hand, one of the mudlings … Continue reading A New Year By The Sea

The Miniature Railway at Audley End

With Birthday celebrations underway for the smallest mudling, she was given the choice of where to head for a family outing. She eventually settled on visiting the Miniature Railway and Fairy Walk at Audley end.  The miniature railway is found over the road to Audley End Hose and Gardens – a rather grand, country house. (Much like the one I might live in when I’m … Continue reading The Miniature Railway at Audley End

A wander at wandlebury

   Oh the joys of waking up to crusty, scabby children and the option to bust out of this place. Hurrah! The children thrilled to be out of quarantine, requested tree climbing and so we headed off to Wandlebury Country Park. The park is just outside Cambridge in the Gog Magog Downs.  It has hills! Albeit quite small ones, but enough to make these East … Continue reading A wander at wandlebury

Gruffalo hunting at High lodge

We spend most weekends hunting. Usually in the woods for Tupperware, but this time set our sights on something a little larger. I even promised the children no geocaching. (Although I might have slipped the GPS in my bag just in case…) Gruffalo trails can be found in 15 forests in England. Our nearest being High Lodge in Thetford forest. We are big fans of … Continue reading Gruffalo hunting at High lodge