Gruffalo hunting at High lodge


We spend most weekends hunting. Usually in the woods for Tupperware, but this time set our sights on something a little larger.
I even promised the children no geocaching. (Although I might have slipped the GPS in my bag just in case…)

Gruffalo trails can be found in 15 forests in England. Our nearest being High Lodge in Thetford forest.


We are big fans of High Lodge already, after numerous visits we are always discovering new trails and play equipment.
The surrounding area is also home to some interesting geocaching trails. It’s not just the Gruffalo that hides in these woods, a real genuine, treasure chest guarded by a sleeping dragon also lies nearby!

The Gruffalo trail is a self led activity which leads you around the majority of the play sites. Great for keeping the children busy and not so great for getting anywhere fast. 😉

The trail itself changes regularly. It’s actually the Gruffalo’s child trail at the moment, and you follow the Gruffalo’s child’s signs and activities through the forest to help you find the Gruffalo. In March it becomes the superworm trail. How, umm super! 😊

The children all enjoyed the trail even the oldest of the children as the variety of play equipment en route provides challenge and amusement to all ages.
Yes, even me!

Thanks to following the trail we went into a part of the forest we hadn’t previously explored, finding new climbing frames and a fabulous network of passageways underneath sprawling Rhododendron bushes. Heaps of fun for small people, equally enjoyable for adults the size of a hobbit. 😉


The Gruffalo was indeed found and after a busy day we were feeling the effects of a day out in the cold. We started to make murmurings of heading home (Whilst I sneakily checked for the closest cache. 1km away. Bother!).

We then noticed that one of the children had the hump. Somebody was seriously grumpy. Tired? Cold? Hungry?
Nope, turns out she was annoyed that we were going to leave when she hadn’t made a den!

*Air punch* Yes! I’ve raised a wild one! 😃


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