Kissing goodbye to my 30s – Rowtor Rocks and Mam Tor

Hmm So. That 40 Things list. Did I mention blog more, then fall off the face of the earth? With hindsight, top of the list should have been: Survive January. All 4793 years of it. Boy did that mofo drag on, anyway what doesn’t kill you makes you alcohol dependent, medicated, stronger. Apparently. *Dusts self down.* A few additions have since made the list, still plenty to challenge, … Continue reading Kissing goodbye to my 30s – Rowtor Rocks and Mam Tor

Go Ape Thetford – Tree Top Junior Review.

Go Ape at Thetford is described as the mother of all the courses and set within 50,000 acres of pine in the UK’s largest man made, lowland forest. A patchwork of pines, heathland and broadleaves provide the ideal setting for a great day out, and a welcome refuge for a rich variety of animal and plant life. The Go Ape adventure began at High Lodge … Continue reading Go Ape Thetford – Tree Top Junior Review.

Fen Skating

I’m quite fond of winter. Wrapping up warm, big fluffy jumpers, blankets and boots.  Legend has it I was born during a snow storm, prompting my grandmother to swiftly name me her snow goose. Ahh.  With the recent hint at possible snowfall I could only forlornly follow on Instagram as snowy scenes and images of fairly dodgy snowmen were posted whilst our pathetic regional attempt … Continue reading Fen Skating

Day Seven – Paddle in a stream. Again!

The very last day of the school holidays and the mudlings were given the choice of what they wanted to do.  They really wanted to go back to Ickworth but Mr Muddy would be more Mr Moody if we went again without him. 😉  They wanted more water, and they wanted a play park. Luckily I know just the place. Cherry Hinton Hall, Cambridge  fits the bill … Continue reading Day Seven – Paddle in a stream. Again!

Geocaching at Chatsworth.

 Having  thoroughly explored the gardens and grounds of Chatsworth estate it was time to think about making tracks. The problem being I wanted a cache find for the day. I was fast approaching 100 days on a streak. (Finding a cache every day for 100 days. To think I was completely normal until I started geocaching…😉) Toying with the idea of a cache and dash … Continue reading Geocaching at Chatsworth.