Day Seven – Paddle in a stream. Again!

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The very last day of the school holidays and the mudlings were given the choice of what they wanted to do.

 They really wanted to go back to Ickworth but Mr Muddy would be more Mr Moody if we went again without him. 😉 

They wanted more water, and they wanted a play park.

Luckily I know just the place.

Cherry Hinton Hall, Cambridge  fits the bill perfectly. With paddling pools, park, playground and streams. 

I also couldn’t resist a sneaky peek to see what geocaches were nearby and was pleased to see a new one had been added to the park since our last visit.

We started with the cache and quickly located a pipe on the railings. Luckily, for once, I had been prepared and saw I needed to bring extra water. 

Pour water in and the cache floats up. Great fun. 🙂

With the appetite for water err whet, it was time to get paddling again. 

Just a small stream but with a bridge and stepping stones to explore it makes a great spot to cool down on a hot day and we much prefer the natural setting to the brightly coloured paddling pools.

A busy afternoon spent exploring this lovely urban green space.

Of course the visit simply had to include the obligatory ice cream stop. 

What better place to enjoy it than a whopping great big tree stump, or Pride rock if you take any notice of these guys…



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