Day 12 High Woods Country Park

We are always on the lookout for new places to visit and explore. Wild spaces to roam, mischief to be made and if we can get our feet wet all the better. Where possible we try to choose somewhere with an adventure playground as a lure for the kids and these day we now of course have to ensure that the hound is welcome too. … Continue reading Day 12 High Woods Country Park

Day Seven – Paddle in a stream. Again!

The very last day of the school holidays and the mudlings were given the choice of what they wanted to do.  They really wanted to go back to Ickworth but Mr Muddy would be more Mr Moody if we went again without him. 😉  They wanted more water, and they wanted a play park. Luckily I know just the place. Cherry Hinton Hall, Cambridge  fits the bill … Continue reading Day Seven – Paddle in a stream. Again!

A wild weekend

A busy weekend of outdoor fun as 30 days wild continues. Too busy playing to blog so just in case anyone is mildly interested here’s what we got up to. Day Three With the kids out at a friend’s house I had the perfect opportunity to escape with the dog for a long walk. To cover a few miles and just appreciate being the only … Continue reading A wild weekend