A wild weekend

A busy weekend of outdoor fun as 30 days wild continues.

Too busy playing to blog so just in case anyone is mildly interested here’s what we got up to.

Day Three

With the kids out at a friend’s house I had the perfect opportunity to escape with the dog for a long walk. To cover a few miles and just appreciate being the only person for miles around. Peaceful bliss.

What else do you do when alone in the countryside?

Take ridiculous selfies with the hound of course. We may need to work on our technique…

Oh dear!

Day Four

Saturday again was just a simple dog walk close to home, but for me is conclusive proof that you can have a wonderfully wild adventure on your own doorstep. Within a mile of your very own front door.

Sometimes you just need to look at life from a different perspective.

We looked up.

look up

and down…

look down

That’s an owl pellet she’s studying by the way, always gross interesting.

We climbed the very best tree, so easy even I managed to do it!


and my crazy bunch decided that rather than just cross the bridge over the stream, you can dangle over the water instead.

*Mentally calculates the cost of three new pairs of shoes.*

Day Five

A trip to a local nature reserve, armed with bird spotting books, pens and paper.

Setting up camp and waiting to see what we could see.


For those of you that have ever sat in a hide with three children and a young dog and heard the accompanying noise, well you wont be surprised to hear that we saw little more than a few Swans, a Grebe and a coot.

The muddlings were happy though, consulting their books, writing notes and drawing pictures. Although it would seem one of us saw more than the rest.  Oh-er!


Anybody have a number for Mulder and Scully?

Finally however, we were at last to be in the right place at the right time, for a truly special, wild find.

Whilst admiring some freshly emerged dragonflies drying their new wings in the sun, one of them chose that very moment to open their wings for the very first time.

A lovely wild moment indeed.


Wishing everyone a wonderfully wild week.

One thought on “A wild weekend

  1. Where is this nature reserve with the aliens?! I must pop along!

    Took Stella in a hide a couple of weeks ago while we were out on the off-chance of spotting a Kingfisher…she kept as quiet as she could…would have had more chance seeing an alien or 3! 😉


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