Day two. All creatures great and small.

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Nope I haven’t whizzed over to the American plains, but honestly we really have spent our day Buffalo hunting.

The first time I heard about Buffalo roaming the Cambridgeshire fens I really thought someone was pulling my leg.

Highland cattle- sure , Wild ponies – absolutely, but Buffalo – surely not?!

The greatness that is google however insists that it is true. A herd of Asian Water Buffalo were brought into Chippenham Fen in order to help maintain the unique habitat.

We’ve been in search of them before – and handily a nearby cache. we found the cache, but had less luck with the Buffalo. Gotta love irony.

Spurred on however by a recent conversation with a friend who insisted they really are there, in fact she even provided photographic evidence.

Hmm time for some serious buffalo hunting.


A promising start as we spotted some dark shapes in the field ahead but alas, just regular cows


Rather inquisitive ones who were thankfully behind a fence.

Onwards explorers.

As we continued our path through the reserve I realised we were joined by an even rarer species.


The lesser spotted, non-bickering siblings.

A very rare beast indeed.

Maybe the calming influence of the nature reserve was at work but they happily strolled along making up a nature quiz.

I’m confused, but thrilled. I’m completely sure they’ll be back to sibling warfare later.

We reach the perimeter of the reserve.


Time to try another direction. We retrace our steps and start to track a different creature.


A passing deer has given us the slip, but the children have fun tracking until the trail runs cold.

Another part of the fen and still nothing, literally nothing.

The grey and miserable weather ensuring that creatures great and small are all sensibly seeking shelter.

We do however spot a very shy snail.


Still no Buffalo.

Time to admit defeat.

I don’t think the kids believe me for one minute that Buffalo roam these parts, so they aren’t in the slightest disappointed. As a geocacher though, I’m pretty miffed.

I’m on the whole *ahem* quite good at finding things.

Small, camouflaged and sneakily hidden things.

But yet again I’m failing to find a whacking great big Buffalo. Where does one hide a buffalo anyway?

Our buffalo quest will remain for another day, the elusive beast has avoided us once again. In the meantime if anyone has any hints where I’ll find them….

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