Milestone finds as the sun shines. Geocaching at Ickworth

As I far too frequently tell you, Geocaching for me is all about discovering amazing new places, fantastic experiences and outdoor adventures. Although I’m not a number chaser it is of course satisfying to see your number of finds growing.

After stalling for a few weeks on 297 finds it was finally time to break the 300 barrier. 

Some folk like to celebrate geocaching milestones by buying themselves a special Geocoin or even a badge to proudly display about their person, umm. Yeah……. 

Others celebrate by finding a really special cache. Turns out our 300th was a little bit special. All carefully planned of course, no luck involved whatsoever! 😉

My criteria for the day was fresh air, caches and coffee and fitting the bill was Ickworth park near Bury St Edmunds. We headed over fairly early and were rewarded with a day of gorgeous winter sunshine. The park itself is rather lovely at any time of year but looked stunning against those rare blue skies.

Boots on, a cappucino to go and we were ready to find some caches. 

Our first of the day was to Be a church micro. As the name suggests these are usually small caches found nearby to churches. This one proved to be the exception by being placed within the churchyard itself and by actually  being a bit of a whopper! 

The church has undergone extensive renovation in previous years so it’s wonderful to see it celebrating its return to glory with its very own Geocache! 

The GPS led us to a likely tree and the hint indicated that the cache would be hanging in a hole in the tree. Nice and straight forward surely. Taking a look at the tree I’m greeted with this:

Would you fancy sticking your hand in there?

 Where’s the husband when you need him….😉

 Being the wuss that I am I checked the rest of the tree over (just in case) and spotted, behind some Ivy another nook in the tree. On closer inspection a nook in the tree with some Tupperware hanging in it. Phew! 

Our next Cache was one we had attempted on a previous visit but had hastily abandoned when I’d accidentally disturbed a sac of baby spiders. Millions of the tiny little critters all over my hand, removing those things is nigh on impossible. The spider removal dance was a particularly lively one. 

Seriously gross.   *shudder* 

Now you know why I didn’t want to stick my hand in that hole.

This time we tackled the cache from the other side of the wall. Oh yes cachers! That old gem! This time an easy find for one of the children in a nearby bush;

Me: Can you see it?

Child who shall remain anonymous: No, but I can see a lunchbox. 

Really!?! I actually have no words.

Lunchbox/geocache retrieved it turned out to be a soggy mess and we’d attracted  the attention of a nearby family. 

The father came over to check out my rather odd family who having emerged from the nearby bush were now sat in a folly inspecting the sodden contents of a Tupperware box.

As he looked on bemused I could only give a cheeky smile. If he’d asked I’d have explained but I’m more than happy to let him think I’m strange. 

So that left, drumroll please. Cache 300. 

The cache was quite a trek away and one of those really helpful situations where your maps show it in the middle of nowhere. 

Not a hint of a footpath to be seen.

 Sizing up my options there was a field uphill which looked like it could potentially have a permissive path, maybe. 

Or a signposted footpath which could potentially be leading in the opposite direction, maybe. 

No prizes for guessing we headed straight up the hill.

A long trek for little legs but a handily positioned log provided the children with a resting place while I took in the views.

We’d chosen such a lovely day to come and I had one of those giddy moments when you can only savour the moment. 

Outdoors with my babies, stunning views, complete tranquility and geocaches. Bliss.

The kids however were just happy to be sat with some chocolate! 😉

Onwards and upwards, I followed the gps to ground zero, over a stile, across a muddy track to a tree on the roadside.

Check tree. 


Get myself tangled in brambles. 

Still nothing. 

I’ve walked all this way for my 300th and I can’t blooming find it. 

Backtracking to the fence to decide what to do and I spy a little something poking out the back of another log in the field. Phew! Got you! 

Back in the field and time to get that all important signature on the log book, only now I can’t open it. Irony indeed!

Releasing my inner hulk I did eventually manage to open the cache and claim the long time coming 300th cache. 

My special badge is in the post. 

No it isn’t! 😉

13 thoughts on “Milestone finds as the sun shines. Geocaching at Ickworth

    1. Some geocaching bling! Hmm maybe some new boots 😉 you can never have too many of those.
      I know people with 1000s, makes my 300 seem so insignificant. Still that’s 300 adventures or new places discovered which is rather fabulous! 😊

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  1. Well done on your 300. Like you. although it is nice to see the numbers creep up, I enjoy finding exciting new places to explore and planning where to visit next.

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  2. Congrats on all your finds!
    We went out yesterday and as my husband stuck his hand in a hollow of a tree trunk I told him about your baby spider experience. Ha ha! Never seen him move so quick!


  3. Yay for 300!! We were only introduced to geocaching last year! So our finds are at a measly 17. Not even 20! I can’t wait to be able to say I found that many!!!!! 🙂

    What do you use for a GPS? We use our phones mainly, but found some cute keychain GPS on Amazon for the kiddos so they stop fighting over “the map” 🙂


    1. I have a Garmin GPSr, it’s taken a while to get used to! I love caching with my phone, I’m very spontaneous so my phone fits in with that lifestyle well. The key chains for the kids sound like a great idea, you’ll have to let me know how you get on with those. 🙂

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      1. Good to know. We want a GPS for those times when our phones don’t have service!!!! Those times where we have to plan ahead! 🙂 They keychains were only 20ish on Amazon so…it will be interesting to see how well they work!


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