Chicken Pox, a Job Interview and a Giant Cat

All has been quiet in the land of  mud. Chicken Pox has hit the household. 

The youngest being the first to succumb. I suspect the older two will follow shortly.

Having always been rather fond of a polka dot print it’s safe to say I’m losing the love rapidly as more spots appear before our eyes. 

The upside of course is poorly children are quite affectionate so I’ve been basking in the glow of cuddles and the feeling of being needed. 

However what I mistook for loving, nuzzling cuddles turned out to be crafty scratching of her face on mine. Nice. Oh well I’ll take what I can get! 🙂

Today I had a job interview arranged. A job interview via Skype. Scary! 

Having explained the current situation at home and attempting to rearrange, the rather accommodating company reassured me that the interview would be fine to go ahead complete with spotty child on the scene.

Oh heck! 

A busy morning meeting the whims of a poorly child (yeah yeah she’s milking it now…😉) and a whole heap of business admin to complete meant that interview o clock soon rolled round. Hmm how to occupy madam for a bit? 

Obvious really. 

Stick Frozen on. 


Note to self; Resist the urge to break into song during let it go….

The MacBook rings, I’m a Skype Virgin. I’m more worried about messing up Skype than the actual interview. 

Turns out I’m not completely stupid and am capable of answering a Skype call. Oh crap, there I am. 

Ignore self in the corner of the screen.

Interview progresses and in skulks spotty. Oh dear. Spotty is accompanied by her toy cat. Her GIANT toy cat, Marie from the Aristocats.

Oh yes, there’s Marie on the screen with me. Mid interview and I’m screen bombed by a blinking stuffed cat. 

Turns out no amount of subtle looks or nudges off screen are getting rid of my furry friend. It’s time to address the elephant in the room or more accurately the giant bloody feline on the screen. 

Giggles ensue. Mine, hers and also thankfully the interviewing panel. 

Who needs ice breaker questions?

The cat and devilish daughter disappear for a short while, as do my hopes of landing this job. Oh well.

Cat returns, patience wanes and eventually interview wraps.

Return to tedious risk assessment task. Oddly enough the cat has lost interest now, fancy that! 

Children. Who’d have ’em! 😉

I got the job by the way! 😊



19 thoughts on “Chicken Pox, a Job Interview and a Giant Cat

  1. Awww that sounds cute and funny! Also, what a great company if they were happy to skype the interview. I’m sure they won’t be worried about a giant cat 🙂 Fingers crossed for you.


  2. I love this. You couldn’t make it up if you tried. Congrats on the job, I suspect that the little spotty one knew exactly what she was doing… What mum needs right now to get this job is a huge cat! Purrrrrrrfect. 🙂

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  3. Such a cute little story!!! Love it! I’d have a hard time not giggling at the cat too and I’m definitely not surprised that the panel did too! I think you’d have to have no sense of humor to not laugh at that giant cat! Think of it this way…you could work for the company for 10+ years and you will always have this adorably funny story associated with it!

    Here we have a chicken pox prevention vaccination. Do you guys have that over there? Sorry….I’m a curious one!


    1. Hi, no, not a vaccination program for pox over here. Now to wait for the next two to get it! I think Easter might be quite spotty! 🙈


      1. They won’t have been the only ones to have had it over EASTER. I had mine over easer when I was young and we went out west to visit family. Nothing like having it on vacation. My brothers had it within days! I hope for your sake they don’t get it! Talk about stressful! You are one patient mama! Take lots of pictures to embarass them someday. Lots of baking soda baths…Those always seemed to help us. Good luck!

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      2. (And it sounds like she is handling it better than I did and I’m pretty sure I was 7 at the oldest when I had mine. I was a whiner!)


      3. She was pretty patient bless her. This morning she woke up full of trouble, a sure sign she’s better so I’ve sent her back to school to her disgust! 😂

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  4. Oh MY. Now that is an interview story! I did once have to take a skype business-ish call with a child painting herself slowly blue next to me because I couldn’t shriek ‘Nooooooooo’ and dive across to stop her, but it wasn’t a crucial thing like an interview! Very impressed at how you kept your cool!

    Good luck with the lack of Easter spots there.

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    1. Ha ha ha, a screen bombing blue child would have been extraordinary! 🙂
      I’m a little bit obsessed in checking the others for spots now, even though I know full well it will probably take a while longer to appear.


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