A Muddy Mother’s Day 

Mothering Sunday, a day for us Mums to be spoilt with love, flowers and one of those things that I’ve heard of called a lie in. Not really sure I remember what one of those is…..

All hopes of a lie in were however scuppered when I was woken bright and early, not by the patter of little feet coming down the hallway but oddly the snores of a T-Rex. Yep, my chance to sleep in for once and I get woken up by freaky dreams about rescuing my child from the local library, from a dozing, short armed beast. 

Weird and oddly terrifying!

Seriously those dudes really have the most unsettling snore…or maybe it was the husband… 😉

So that left flowers and love.

Only this mum doesn’t like flowers. 

A nice bottle of Vodka. Good work guys! 

A box of chocolates too.

I’m sure they were delicious, the children demolished them quickly enough. 

The love also came in abundance, I was truly blessed to be showered with kisses, hugs, home made gifts and a flurry of hand made cards and pictures all telling me how adored I am.

 Lucky, lucky me! ☺️

Then the choice of what I wanted to do, Hmm spa day, out for lunch, shopping?

Let’s go climb a tree! 

Not just any old tree though, obviously it was going to be one with a geocache in!

Sadly the glorious blue skies of the past week have vanished, leaving us with a cold and windy trek across exposed fenland fields. Brr! 

The tree and cache were in an isolated spot and the children were happy exploring animal trails, filling pockets with stones and getting stuck in muddy spots. Accidentally on purpose of course.

The tree itself wasn’t too big, but big enough to be fun. The cache hidden in a rather out of place bird feeder, rather amusing for me, although probably less so for the local birds.

My favourite find of the day however, a bridge to nowhere. 

A bridge at the side of the field, just sitting. 

Bridging nothing but calling out to be crossed anyway.

Of course we did! 

8 thoughts on “A Muddy Mother’s Day 

  1. Where are you from that Mother’s Day is today?? Glad you had a good day and a good find!


  2. I am glad you enjoyed your day, I was spoiled having a delicious meal cooked for me! You are lucky to have had some sunshine in the week, there has been no sun here for almost two weeks!


    1. Always a winner to have your dinner cooked for you! We’ve been lucky the sun has been shining and the blossom is now starting to come out too.


  3. I haven’t been geocaching for ages, must head out again before the spring growth covers the hiding places. There’s a geocache in a bird nesting box at a reserve near us (although it’s sealed at the entrance so the birds can’t actually use it).


    1. Yes, those nettles will soon be covering all the caches once again! I’m always suspicious of bird boxes in trees these days! 😉


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