A marvellously muddy adventure.

Today we went on the very best adventure. 

 Just a few miles from home. 

 We explored, discovered, climbed and even went underground. Oh, and we found a geocache too. Exciting! 

 A sunny but windy morning it seemed the perfect opportunity to tackle our closest unfound geocache. One of those isolated caches that require a bit of a walk to get to and so often get overlooked despite the experiences it has to offer. 

 Despite living only a couple of miles away I was oblivious to the fact Isleham Local Nature Reserve existed. A linear site set along a disused railway line.

At this time of year the reserve is still recovering from winter but I anticipate it will soon be a riot of flora and fauna. 

 The fact it’s a linear site surrounded on both side by high banks however meant the 1km walk (small fry!) to the cache was unusual and kept the children happily exploring as we went along. Great fun was had running up and down the banks, exploring ankle breakers rabbit holes and finding bones. 

 Yep, more bones for our ever increasing collection of bits of dead animal. Awesome!



After the relative shelter of the banks it was time to brace ourselves against the winds. 

Button up, face it and battle forwards to ground zero (after taking amusing wind blown selfies of course!). 

As we approached ground zero we spotted a dog walker coming in the opposite direction so decided to leave the cache for now and continue onwards to explore an old railway bridge. Good move!  

 The bridge was ace to explore, a fantastic mix of abandoned, graffitied architecture and the overgrown wildness of nature claiming back the land. 

After checking out underneath the bridge we scrambled up the steep banks to look out over the top, with fantastic views across the fens and spotting home in the distance.


We headed back to ground zero and started to think about where the cache could be.  Having already passed the area we knew there was a stream and a fantastic tunnel but the D/T rating and previous logs led me to believe it wasn’t down there. 

The GPS led us to right on top of the bridge but previous finders had indicated that there was room for improvement with the coordinates. 


 Concluding that the cache wasn’t likely to be found under the bridge, what do we do?

We decide to climb on down anyway and look just for fun. 😃



As expected the cache wasn’t to be found in the tunnel, which to me was a bit of a wasted opportunity. It really would have made a fantastic spot to hide one. 

 Regardless we had a brilliant time splashing in the stream and squeezing ourselves through the tunnel. 

 I can only assume the children enjoyed the experience as much as I did, but I think the echoes through the tunnel of: 


 Meant they thought it was ok! 😉 

 Now the serious work of finding the cache. It was soon discovered underneath a large block within a cluster of nearby trees. A regular lock and lock box.  Often finding the cache is the highlight of the trip, today however the cache was a tiny cherry on top of a rather amazing cake. 

This overlooked cache had brought us on a fantastic adventure of new discovery and hopefully made happy childhood memories. Needless to say it was a Favourite point from me.

14 thoughts on “A marvellously muddy adventure.

    1. It really was the best morning! 😃 Just as well though, I think we are starting round two with chicken pox tonight. Noooooooo


  1. Please will you adopt me (and Freya and Mark)? Your children always seem to have such fun! I have a friend who lives in Isleham (small world), I’ll have to tell her.


    1. Ha ha! Sure we can squeeze you all in somewhere 😉

      I can imagine the conversation now….’a crazy lady on the Internet took her children in the tunnel at the ILR! You should try it.’ 😉

      If you ever go to visit her though definitely take your wellies! 😊

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      1. She’s a bit crazy herself* (and she has a nine year old who would LOVE it) so I am going to email her the link 🙂

        *Not that you are 🙂


  2. Sounds like a fantastic adventure! 🙂 Glad you had a good day! Wish we had sights that cool nearby!


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