So tonight I’m in a special mood.

Catching up with posts, some published, some languishing in blog purgatory. Waiting for me to decide if I am brave enough to publish.

As my husband goes to bed I shove the ipad under his nose.
‘Shall I really publish this shit?’
He confirms that I should.
‘But it’s shit’
He says not.
‘But why do I do it?’
For people to read, his calm response.
‘But really, why? what is the point in the grand scheme of the universe?’ (See I really am feeling a bit tricky.)

His response….

To give him something else to read other than war books!

So there you have it, I will continue to blog with the main purpose of broadening Mr Muddy’s reading repertoire.

Here’s a picture of a grumpy looking Muddy Mum, it seems rather fitting.


This message will probably self destruct, Inspector Gadget style – you have been warned!

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