Go Outdoors Awards 2016

Exciting news!

I’ve just found out I’ve been nominated for the Go Outdoors Awards 2016.

I’m up against some great blogs so would really appreciate your vote.

Pretty please, with cherries on the top.

Voting is open from now until the 6th Jan and takes just a few moments, you can vote here.

(If voting from your phone please scroll down and click on “View Desktop Site” as the mobile site doesn’t seem to have caught up yet.

Why vote for me?

Well naturally because I’m awesome 😉 but other than that, maybe because I’m really passionate about exciting  family outdoor adventures and geocaching.

Hopefully my little corner of the web can inspire others to get outside, exploring and see the great fun and adventures that Geocaching can offer.

Not to mention the fact I regularly scare myself silly and share all of my  deeply embarassing moments.  I deserve some recognition for that alone surely?

So if you enjoyed any of my posts about the following great caching adventures please consider a vote, it is Christmas after all… 😉


Bunker, tunnel and terrifying bridges


Scaring myself silly at Bomber Command


Or there’s that time we just casually disappeared underground. (It was flipping awesome!)

Many thanks you gorgeous bunch…flattery will get me everywhere right?…

Clare x




9 thoughts on “Go Outdoors Awards 2016

  1. I voted! Mostly because we’re very very jealous of all your exciting adventures. Mum wants to know if there’s a ‘rent a child’ service somewhere that doesn’t worry about taking them on dangerous activities. She could do with one for the tree and rock climbing bits.

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  2. I voted for you. You deserve to win, you’re a braver woman than me that’s for sure, you wouldn’t catch me going down dark tunnels and holes and that rickety old bridge on the last post – eek definitely wouldn’t have done that.

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    1. Hey thanks!
      I could so easily have wimped out of every single one of those situations, but the fact I’m a stubborn thing with a fear of missing out definitely helps. 😉

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