Hopes, dreams and eternal muddy boots.

Admittedly slightly late, but it wouldn’t be right to begin 2017 without my annual, nostalgic look back at the past year and set myself some goals for the year ahead.

2016 was the year that saw me complete my caching calendar, thank goodness! A great challenge to have completed but it certainly helped me to appreciate the pleasure of caching for the fun of it, not because I feel obliged to do so.

Having last year made a huge assault on the geocaching monster that is Hatley Heart Attack I can also undoubtably confirm I favour quality over quantity.

Some epic days caching with crazy numbers of finds, and most definitely some hidden gems to be found. I can understand the appeal for others that do enjoy the numbers, but for me the days of mostly finding piss pots caches at the base of posts are well and truly numbered. I would like to tidy up the trail but with only 20 or so caches remaining I’m sure my map will be looking nice and tidy soon.

Then after a bit of a caching lull came a day of truly brilliant day of Caching in Herfordshire, adventure and adrenaline by the bucket load and something I hope to continue into the new year.

Challenge wise saw the completeion of the Orwell walk, (blog post in progress) confusion at many stages over exactly how long it was, but just short of a marathon – a bloody long way to walk however you look at it. On a river bed and through a marsh, oh and it was pissing down too. Bet you can’t wait for that story. 😉

With regards to the blog admittedly I’ve been a bit neglectful of late. I blog for fun, I adore the people I’ve met on my blogging journey, but a serious blogger I have no desires to ever be. Having had a busy (and stressful) year I’m not even a little bit sorry that I’ve spent my rare free time out having fun and playing pokemon. rather than blogging about it.

Looking forwards;

As usual, no resoloutions – I’m already fabulous darlings, why would I change? 😉

My goals for the year to continue searching for fun outdoor adventures, Geocaching awesomeness is out there and it’s up to me to go and find it.

With the gradual countdown to reach find 2000 this year I might have to consider a fun milestone cache, maybe I’ll treat myself to one from the bucket list. Fancy pants signs with numbers written on are optional right?

I definitely want to place more caches, I’ve stumbled across several fabulous, hidden away places but the SSSI (Site of Special Scientific Interest) and land owners say no. Bum.

I’m not prepared to compromise on location though so it’s back to the drawing board for now.

This year is also looking every so slightly possible that the much longed for three peaks challenge may happen. Murmurings have taken place.  Fingers crossed this could be the year that I get to go and play on mountains.

Finally the blog.  Despite having a huge hatred for facebook, I’ve only flipping gone and created a Mud and Nettles facebook Page. 😳 I’m feeling a bit Billy no mates at the moment so please do take pity on me and pop across to say hi.

I’m also going to attempt a new feature, ‘Cache of the week.’  We all know it will probably end up biannual but I’m happy to give it a go. I’m hoping to highlight great caches I’ve found or want to visit. If anyone has any reccomendations, I’d love to hear about them.

On that note I wish you all a fabulous 2017, may you all have as many adventures as your heart desires.

Clare x 

5 thoughts on “Hopes, dreams and eternal muddy boots.

  1. Looking forward to reading about your adventures this coming year, when I get to see places further afield than Blackpool and North Wales. It seems that’s as far as I get these last few years.


  2. Belated happy new year to you all…I’ve totally lost my geocaching mojo for now but totally agree with quality over quantity. Have fun! Will come and like the Facebook page too 🙂

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    1. Thanks Lisa. You’ve had a big upheaval in your life, you just need to do what’s best for you for now. I’m sure you’ll pick the caching back up when the time is right. x


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