Calendar Caching. 

A year ago I was rambling on about a challenge I was setting myself.

I hoped to fill in my geocaching calendar. To do so in the shortest time possible.

 I’ll be honest, as much as I’m stubborn about these things I didn’t really expect to complete it. With needing to find a cache on 300 days it was never going to be easy. 

So here we are, I’m tapping away a year later. Did I do it?


Oh yeah! 

A challenge that drove me crazy at times, a challenge that has driven my family beyond crazy at times and a challenge that has had me stamping my little feet in frustration…. You know those days when you just can’t find a thing… 

Finally the end of the challenge and that all import leap day filled, courtesy of a local event.

Bizarrely not as satisfying to see the end as I thought it would be. Maybe the thrill really is in the chase after all. 

So what now? Well I have lots of ideas for caches I want to place, now to get out there and find nice places to hide them. 

I probably should make a bit of effort to fill my D/T grid, but let’s face it, I’m a wimp so I don’t really fancy my chances.

For now though, as the owner of a new and slightly crazy puppy my biggest challenge will be leaving the house. I fear the first signs or going stir crazy are already starting to show, but hey, look on the bright side – at least I may actually be blogging again. 😉 

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      1. Ooof, forgot about those. Daughter #1’s pup finished his last week. Can finally get out and play more.


  1. Congratulations on filling in your grid! I too am working on getting both my calendar and D/T grids filled in. Found out about a new challenge last night but am waiting until I have completed the state park challenge [26 more to go]. Leap Day we ended up attending an event and getting in 6 caches. We even got a friend and their child interested in Geocaching. They signed up over the weekend and are hooked! A new puppy? Can’t wait to see photos! I need to be better about my blogging too.

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    1. Thanks, it’s lovely when you introduce someone and they really get it.
      Good luck with your grids and your state park challenge.
      I’ll email you a puppy photo whilst he’s still tiny.

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  2. Well done – we’ve thought about trying to cache consecutively ourselves, but with many of the local caches already acquired and the thought of having to go out on a cold, damp Winter’s day always put us off. Well done on getting over those hurdles and achieving your goal!

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    1. Thanks, I only have about 50 caches left within my 10 mile radius from home so have well and truly cleared my local area. I’m looking forward to caching purely for fun again.


  3. A new pup, huh? You crazy gal! Don’t you have enough going on? Ha ha! Are young going to get him a geodog tracking collar?

    Congrats on your calendar! Yay! I look forward to seeing your hide ideas! I also look forward to seeing you blogging more!

    Ohh….and what’s D/T?


    1. Getting a pup wasn’t top of my priorities but every now and then I have been known to compromise. This is one of those times!
      I don’t think he’ll be trackable. I have a couple of trackable things which are pretty redundant to be honest.
      The DT grid is the difficulty/terrain grid. You know each cache has a D/T rating, well there are 81 possible combinations- so I need to get a cache with each combination. T5/D5 being the most difficult of course. Eek!


  4. Oh wow! that is quite some feat! Well done lovely. Hey a new puppy, honestly he/she will be worth the bother, we had a few roppy months with Jack at first but now we would not be without him. He also loves geocaching as much as us. I think he finds us rummaging around in undergrowth quite amusing. Can’t wait to see pictures of the new arrival xx

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      1. Ha! I don’t imagine it happens that much to you anyway, whereas we ………….ha! X


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