World Book Day

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Today marks the arrival of world book day.

A day when parents across the land scrabble together last minute costumes (Please tell me it’s not just me.) and the local primary school bears more than a passing resemblance to  Hogwarts, as children head to school dressed as their favourite literary heroes.

Willy wonka, Lily  Bobtail and Luna Lovegood In our house in case you were wondering.

Being a bit of a bookworm I was thrilled when approached by  to be part of a quest for the UK’s favourite bedtime stories.

I was given the chance to bring a bit of outdoors love to the proceedings. Joined by bloggers across the UK, all sharing their favourite bedtime tales. The results in a rather lovely eBook available to download for free.

Check out the book we chose and how it relates to our outdoor adventures, you didn’t expect me to not mention Geocaching did you… 😉

You can check out the rather lovely results here

Me in a book!

On World book day!

Exciting stuff.

Has your favourite story made it into the book? Any favourite stories you would add?

9 thoughts on “World Book Day

  1. Gosh, how exciting!! Well done.
    BOL I think mum would have resorted to Paddington bear for fancy dress… Easy to do! Her fav book was The Little Grey Men by ‘BB’…about Baldmoney, Sneezewort and Dodder, the last gnomes in Britain, who go off on an adventure to search for their long-lost brother Cloudberry. It was read to her in primary school in about 1965 and she re-read it in 2006 – it was still good! Sometimes when we’re out geocaching and get to one of those scary ‘stick your arm into a tree trunk’ moments mum prefers to think about perhaps finding gnomes instead of snails or spiders.
    I don’t get bed time stories, but sometimes mum does that ‘this little piggy’ thing with my toes 🙂

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    1. Gnomes in trees! Eek! I think I’m even more afraid to stick my hand in now. 😉
      Wonderful how some stories stick with you for life.


  2. What a great idea to collect all the favourites together. I looked down the list on the contents page – I’d have been most upset after seeing this if you weren’t the one to choose Bear Hunt! Very apt, and I great story 🙂


    1. My inner diva was poised ready for if they told me somebody else had already chosen bear hunt. I’d happily argue it’s us in the book…surely? 😉

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    1. It was amazing to see her dressed as Luna, in a sea of Hermiones and Harrys. So proud that she wanted to be the one that was unique. 😊


      1. It’s so important to be unique and to value individuality! You should be very proud! It’s not easy to stand out from the crowd and you’ve given her the confidence to do it!


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