World Book Day

Today marks the arrival of world book day. A day when parents across the land scrabble together last minute costumes (Please tell me it’s not just me.) and the local primary school bears more than a passing resemblance to  Hogwarts, as children head to school dressed as their favourite literary heroes. Willy wonka, Lily  Bobtail and Luna Lovegood In our house in case you were … Continue reading World Book Day

400 finds and a cache to blow my mind.

First things things. Blatant spoiler alert!  Cambridgeshire cachers look away now.  Shoo!  Go!  Do not spoil the surprise. Gone? Then, I’ll begin. It only seems five minutes ago that I was telling you about find 300. With a constant trickle of finds, 400 was fast approaching.  A lot of cachers like to celebrate milestones with a special cache but I’m generally not too fussed and far too … Continue reading 400 finds and a cache to blow my mind.