400 finds and a cache to blow my mind.

First things things. Blatant spoiler alert! 

Cambridgeshire cachers look away now. 



Do not spoil the surprise.


Then, I’ll begin.

It only seems five minutes ago that I was telling you about find 300. With a constant trickle of finds, 400 was fast approaching. 

A lot of cachers like to celebrate milestones with a special cache but I’m generally not too fussed and far too disorganised for such occurrences.

With my 400th find approaching and a fairly new local cache published (which was being well received) it seemed only sensible to make the effort and combine the two. 

The problem with this of course is caching tastes vary, I’ve been left cold before by caches that have numerous favourite points. To wait excitedly for a cache and then feel the crushing disappointment of ‘I don’t get it.’. 

No pressure then….

With a day skiving from doing the accounts free day I had the opportunity and time to grab a couple of caches. I needed to grab another on the way to make the numbers work, so chose a pretty standard cache and dash affair en route.

Stopping for find 399 and it wasn’t quite the cache and dash I’d hoped for. Whilst it should be a quick, standard, Lay-by find. Turns out this is a really popular lay-by! 

An absolutely glorious day and lots of people sat in their cars. Hoping they might just be dog walkers and soon moving on, I got out and did an ‘oh so casual’ lap of a tree which I suspected hid the cache. 

Five cars full of people watched me. 

I could either tough it out and wave my jazz hands at them or dive back in the car.

Time for plan B.

Only I hadn’t made one. I usually download several caches in case of such occurrences but today I hadn’t been so prepared. Thankfully the curiously popular lay-by had exceptional 3G signal (I expect the doggers walkers love that) so I was able to find another cache. The next closest was up a country drove leading off from the lay-by. It had to be worth a go.

Yep.  I’m being watched by a bunch of shady types in a dodgy lay-by and decide to go trotting off down the nearest country drove. Don’t try this at home. 

As I pass by each vehicle I give them my best ninja glare, that’ll tell ’em! (Hopefully not dogging code!?!) πŸ˜‰

After a quick stomp I locate the cache, sign and beat a hasty retreat. 

Lay-by caches are such sordid little numbers don’t you think? 

Time for the main event so I set off down the road for Horningsea Church.

I’m hopeful this will live up to expectations. 

However I’m not the biggest fan of Chuch micro caches, nor Multi caches. 

This is both. Oh well! 

I have a slightly dodgy start, having parked and entered from the side entrance  I’ve used in the past, the numbers I’m looking to find aren’t going quite to plan. 

A deep breath and a quick mumbled curse of the CO as I finally read the cache description properly. Oh! Blooming Multis! πŸ˜†

Starting again at the correct entrance and the numbers I need are quickly gathered. 

Yes I am a dimwit at times.


Plugging the numbers into my phone I note where I’m going for the final cache location and head across. A short but pleasant walk in the spring sunshine. 

Calm descends and the giddy feeling of a guilty pleasure – knowing I should be crunching numbers of a different kind but instead I’m skipping though tulips in the sunshine.

I doubt the accountant will appreciate the beauty of the moment.


Then I spot something. 

A Telephone box. 

A Telephone box stuffed full of books.

Giddiness notches up a gear.

It’s a book exchange. I’m a complete and utter bibliophile and have always wanted to discover a book exchange but sadly up until now they have been but a mere mythical beast. Now here is one, right in front of me! πŸ˜ƒ

Who cares about the cache? I’m going in to sniff some books!

As I’m standing there in bookworm nirvana, the penny finally drops.

Could this be the cache?

A closer look at the books and I spot something out of place. 

A plain blue log book. 😁

Giddiness is now off the scale. 

I might have jumped up and down a little. 

I may have let out a little excited squeal or two…or three

I most definitely said ‘Oh My God!’ Over and over again.

I am so not cool.

Why oh why do I tell you this stuff?

Eventually I calmed down enough to sign the log and officially claim my 400th find. 

Driving home before logging online to ensure my log wasn’t too gushy. 

I failed! πŸ˜‚


15 thoughts on “400 finds and a cache to blow my mind.

  1. Holy cow girl!!!!! Congrats on 400! That’s so exciting!!!! Id give to even have 100.


  2. Congrats on your 400. We found a telephone box cache today but there were no books in it. There were however 3 vhs video tapes in there including pulp Fiction!! Blog coming soon. Glad your milestone got you doing the giddy dance πŸ™‚

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  3. Hi, Congrats on your 400 ! Glad this cache wasn’t momentous for us – Mrs HG137 loves books, and I suspect would delay us by at least 2 hours or more if we stumbled across such a cache!

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  4. Argh, you’ve fallen off my reader again (stupid WordPress) I have so many posts to catch up on. Good job I popped over to check you were ok. Congrats on 400!


  5. That’s a great book exchange. Over here in Boston, I’ve found a cache that was in a red phone booth (made to look like one of yours) and one that was in a book exchange, but not both together!

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