The Cambridgeshire Three Peaks. 

Cambridgeshire? The same Cambridgeshire that’s one of the flattest counties in the UK?  Yep, that’s the one.  Having returned home from my Yorkshire Three Peaks challenge, the post-adventure blues had really set in.  The children having been bored to tears inspired by my Y3P tales were also keen to tackle some hills and have an adventure of their own.  Geographically it was always going to be a … Continue reading The Cambridgeshire Three Peaks. 

Hatley Heart Attack

The Hatley Heart Attack is a loop of 534 caches (plus a few extra associated puzzles) starting in Hatley, south Cambridgeshire.  Here’s a link to the Bookmark if you need it.  In an area already rich in power trails, the Hatley Heart attack (HHA) has made Cambridgeshire the place to be if you want geocaching numbers.  In fact now a popular place to stay for cachers who … Continue reading Hatley Heart Attack

400 finds and a cache to blow my mind.

First things things. Blatant spoiler alert!  Cambridgeshire cachers look away now.  Shoo!  Go!  Do not spoil the surprise. Gone? Then, I’ll begin. It only seems five minutes ago that I was telling you about find 300. With a constant trickle of finds, 400 was fast approaching.  A lot of cachers like to celebrate milestones with a special cache but I’m generally not too fussed and far too … Continue reading 400 finds and a cache to blow my mind.

Thunderbolts and lightning, Very, very frightening me!

So last weekend found us without a car. By Sunday we were all climbing the walls and in need of some serious exercise and fresh air. A lovely warm summers day but we were lacking in inspiration of where to walk. Luckily a new Geocaching circular had been recently published and could be accessed from our home town so we decided to give some of … Continue reading Thunderbolts and lightning, Very, very frightening me!