The Mountain Warehouse GeoTrail

Hot on the trail of publishing my first Geocaches and it’s another Geocaching first for me. This time my first Trackable.

A Trackable is an item with it’s own personal code which Geocachers move from cache to cache. Some have goals, others are just happy to travel from cache to cache sharing our adventures. 

They come in all shapes and sizes, we’ve moved gorillas, compasses and even the Starship Enterprise! 

As part of their latest promotion Mountain Warehouse are giving away Meryl Sheep trackables. All you need to do is pop in to your nearest store and you can pick up your very own. 

Once Meryl has been activated on she is ready to share your adventures. 

What’s even more exciting, if you share your photos of Meryl’s marvellous adventures using the hashtag #MWGeoTrail you could win a holiday of a lifetime or a gold compass – ooh, yes please!

Our very own Muddy Meryl 😉 has arrived and she has been out on her very first adventure already. 

A new local cache was published and I couldn’t resist the thrill of the chase to be the first person to find the cache. 

Finding a neat little rock cache and the excitement of discovering a blank log.

We will keep hold of Meryl for a while, sharing our muddy adventures before sending her off in the big wide world for further fun and frolics – who knows where she will end up?! 

Lucky sheep! 

If you’ve not tried Geocaching before then this is the perfect opportunity to grab a sheep, give it a go, get outdoors and have some adventures! 

Further details can be found on the  Mountain Warehouse website.

9 thoughts on “The Mountain Warehouse GeoTrail

  1. We just sent our first trackables out over the weekend! The kids are so excited!
    Funny thing is….last night I got a notification….a local geocacher picked them up at the state park we were at and dropped them off down the road from our house!!! I’m thinking of going and getting them so the kiddos can re-hide them!!!! 🙂


  2. I found my first trackable last weekend. It’s goal is to get to California. The BF and I are taking a road trip down there in a few months so we plan on taking some photos of it through our trip and then I will leave it in Cali.

    Question, which Geocaching app do you use? I use the Geocaching one and the BF uses CGeo [not available for iPhone at this time] and I have not figured out how to have a trackable in my possession travel to all the caches I have visited. Ideas? Thanks!

    I am paisleykmt on the Geocaching site.


    1. If that’s the paid for iPhone app – when you log a find you should have an option for trackable drop/visit. This option will bring up trackables in your inventory and you will get the option to click if it’s a drop or a visit and to write a log.
      Have you logged that you have the trackable?
      It’s great when you can help one with its goal.

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