40 Things – The story so far.

Woah, we’re over half way there.  So it’s time to take a look and yup, just like Tommy it would seem I’m *woah* livin’ on a prayer. A new addition to the top of the list was the unscheduled mid-life crisis. Credit where it’s due, I’ve completely nailed it! *Takes a bow* I’ve chosen the design for my first tattoo, the Ferrari is on order … Continue reading 40 Things – The story so far.

Geocaching at Alport Castles

Having received a needs maintenance log for my blog from a helpful twitter stalker, it seems I’m overdue in keeping the virtual world updated with my calamitous caching exploits. Not wanting to deprive my adoring fans, all two of you, (Hi mum!) here’s the next instalment of my rather tame birthday bash in the peak district. Once more the weather was shocking, but it’s winter, … Continue reading Geocaching at Alport Castles

Kissing goodbye to my 30s – Rowtor Rocks and Mam Tor

Hmm So. That 40 Things list. Did I mention blog more, then fall off the face of the earth? With hindsight, top of the list should have been: Survive January. All 4793 years of it. Boy did that mofo drag on, anyway what doesn’t kill you makes you alcohol dependent, medicated, stronger. Apparently. *Dusts self down.* A few additions have since made the list, still plenty to challenge, … Continue reading Kissing goodbye to my 30s – Rowtor Rocks and Mam Tor

The Norfolk Coast Path Wells to Weybourne

A Perfect late summer day and the opportunity to get back out on the Norfolk coast. The plan to cover the 16 miles from Wells-next-the-Sea to Weybourne which will join up the sections of the path I’ve already covered. I struggle with the start of any walk, it’s definitely type 2 fun. Why exacty am I attempting to walk 16 miles in order to mentally tick … Continue reading The Norfolk Coast Path Wells to Weybourne