When Mountains are calling…

I live in East Anglia, deep in the fens.

It’s flat. In fact, parts of it under sea level.

I dream of walking hills and mountains. *Wistful sigh*

I’m sure the reality would involve a lot of red-faced puffing, panting and pain but for now we’ll stick with the dreamy image of sunbeams, snowy peaks and lederhosen…

Sometimes though, you have to do something about those dreams. Grab life by the balls and make those dreams a reality.

Simply put, those Mountains were calling, and indeed I must go.

The long desired National three peaks challenge, finally booked. *Happy dance*

And why stop there?

The Yorkshire Three Peaks, (about to be) booked, camping, with a group of strangers from the internet, I’m sure nothing can go wrong there…

A practice walk up Snowdon, tentatively pencilled in. (Admittedly more about cleaning up the caches there than actual training, but that’s just between you and me…)

The Peddar’s way –  all 46 miles of it, booked. No hills on this one, it’s looming close though.

Indeed exciting times ahead and for once, I’m actually preparing, any free time I can grab is currently spent walking.  Whilst I can’t practice on hills I can cover some distance.  Oh and run up the stairs lots of times, it’s practically the same as scaling a mountain right? 😉

The training not stopping there, plenty of evenings spent at the gym in a quest to build my fitness.

So yes, I am still alive. Still caching.  Still walking.  Blogging – not so much. 😉


18 thoughts on “When Mountains are calling…

  1. Aswell as the walking, start doing plenty of lunges and try and get time on a stairmaster at a gym. They’ll prepare your legs a bit more. I’ve done the three peaks separately and I pesonally found Scafell Pike to be the hardest. The path isn’t as friendly as it is on the other two.

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  2. Well with all these challenges this year, you might be ready for the next level next year – The Welsh 3000s! I’ve already done it before but plan to do it again, and as per usual I’ll be looking for a small group of dedicated all action hikers to join me 🙂

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  3. I think I need a lie down after all this talk of exertion. Good job I’m reading this in bed 😉
    Good luck though, and make sure you get your feet pampered!

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      1. Poor you!! I hope they’ve been soaked in a large bowl of bubbles with minions on hand for massages?! You are entirely bonkers though… but very impressive with your adventurous pursuits!

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  4. Exciting plans! It’s always good to have some adventures to look forward to. Can’t wait to read about it. I know how it feels, I live in Northampton, which is pretty flat, although at least it’s in the centre of the country so hills are never too far away. I did live in Hull for a bit and I found that very strange, it really was flat. I knew someone who learned to drive there and I’m sure they had to go somewhere especially to practise hill starts!

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    1. Ha, they aren’t even part of the driving curriculum in these parts, always a bit nerve wracking when I have to do one for real. 😅


  5. I’m sure the views and company will take your mind off the sore feet! We walked the Three Peaks last year but on three separate days (for the children of course). You’ll certainly have a long day in the hills 🙂

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    1. I think you are right, I did the Peddars way at the weekend and it was gruelling. Seriously challenging but the worst thing was the monotonous landscape. Hopefully in the mountains I’ll be giddy on views and altitude… 😉


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