Thirty Days Wild.  Day 9 – Exercise outdoors

TWT 30 Days Wild_countdown_09

I love Tuesday.

It’s double gym day.

Body Combat in the morning and Body Attack at night. Awesome.

Today time is against me. Drowning in a sea of admin and unpublished posts. I also need to be wild.

My Thirty Days Wild pack suggests exercising outdoors.  Two birds, one stone – lets do it!

Even better I can cover my loop and chuck my geocaches back in place at the same time.

Time management at its finest!

As I walk, a lot. A short walk would never give me the exercise fix I need, there’s only one thing to do – run!


I’m not a running fan.

However needs must.

Running kit on and for good measure, a bum bag. Yes really.

Even better the caches don’t quite fit in so fake leaves are protruding from the top.

It’s a good look.

I convince myself that it’s a fairly isolated spot and hopefully nobody will see me.

I set off. Begrudgingly. I really do hate running. Ooh there’s a person, run faster and they might not notice the bum bag.

Earphones on and I’m off – like a rocket obviously 😉

I play shuffle roulette. My phone a dangerous mix of decent tunes, the frozen soundtrack and Katy Perry.

Sometimes however, Shuffle delivers and just as I’m getting into my stride I’m hit with the Chase and Status track –Alive

And you know what? I really do feel so alive! The sun is shining, the wind is in my hair, I’m running and it actually feels good, heck I’m even remembering to breathe occasionally.

I even quickly recalculate my planned route to add an extra mile. Shocking stuff.

Running in such a rural area means negotiating a few stiles, gates and bridges but I still manage a respectable two miles in 18 mins. I’ll take that!

I’ll certainly be making the effort to fit in a few more wild runs from now on, but don’t worry I won’t be hanging up my combat gloves just yet!

18 thoughts on “Thirty Days Wild.  Day 9 – Exercise outdoors

  1. I am very impressed – I have running gear, but haven’t used it in ages! I’m a bit of a wimp when it comes to jogging!


    1. Having the gear is certainly a step in the right direction! I get really grumpy without exercise it’s more a necessity than any desire for health or fitness, besides I eat far too much chocolate! 😁

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      1. I did kind of run at one point as I did a half-marathon a couple of years. I just don’t enjoy it, and got bored too easily :/


      2. I’m with you there. I ran a half once (only to prove a point to my husband) and it was the dullest thing ever. In the middle of the fens. Flat, long, monotonous roads. Yawn! 😊

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  2. I love Body Attack – I don’t get to it as much as I’d like to these days, but it’s a great one. Also, congratulations on the run! You made an impressive time! I hope you catch the bug and enjoy many runs this summer! 🙂


    1. When I run it’s out of sheer necessity and it’s always pounding the pavements and fairly dull. Running along the river was great, lots to take my mind off how much I want to stop. I’ll definitely make the effort to do that again? How are your injuries now?

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      1. I hear you – I used to hate running too (don’t tell anyone :)) until one day I decided I’d give it a fair chance. My foot is on the mend, thanks! I’m back up doing 10ks now, so I’m making progress!


  3. Flipping heck! I have not run properly since I did a 5k in April, I’m so impressed. I need to get back out and do it too but I will not be matching your extra mile – kudos to you ha! xx

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    1. Just goes to show what you can do with the right soundtrack. Can’t believe how much I enjoyed my run. Just saying I enjoyed a run sounds very weird! 😂

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  4. OMG leaves protruding out of your bum bag. ROFL and I am making up my own jokes involving bushes.. lol… oh my I can’t breathe!


    1. Oh dear, oh dear! 😂
      ⬇️ There goes the tone ⬇️
      Not that I can judge, yesterday it was a shag in the tree. A feathered one that is – or maybe a cormorant, but that’s not so much fun! 🙊

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  5. How funny….I ran outdoors today as well. My achievements aren’t anywhere near yours, but I’m happy anyways!!!!

    I have shoes….does that count for running gear?? I had to google bum bag….and thankfully it was what I thought it was. We call it a fanny pack. 😀 you go girl and kudos for your extra mile….I can’t match that. In fact, I cut mine a little short. 😕


    1. Just moving is good, it doesn’t really matter how far or fast – you go girl! 🙂
      I did think of you when I wrote about the bum bag, over here the word Fanny has an entirely different meaning!

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