Thirty Days Wild. Day 8 – A riverside walk

TWT 30 Days Wild_countdown_08  

My Geocaches as I’ve mentioned before are along a rather lovely riverside walk.

Well I think it’s a lovely riverside walk anyway.

Luckily most cachers who find my caches also have excellent taste and mention how much they’ve enjoyed the walk. 😉

Hurrah! Geo success!

The series was visited at the weekend and uh-oh a DNF.

My caches are easy.

The children helped place and the mix of containers seems to be going down fairly well with families visiting. The DNF is worrying.

Having been away for the weekend, (Yep – again! Sussex this time.) we stopped on the way home and Mr Muddy jumped out of the car to see if he could find it. It was dusk and he had no joy.

My favourite cache. A customised bison which I lovingly designed, sprayed and glued. It looked fab and was proving tough as nails – I put it though its paces and it passed with flying colours. You can see it here.

My first maintenance run and I found that one of the initial finders had broken it.

Not so much annoyed that they had bust it but they hadn’t told me. I’ve had my fair share of caching mishaps, I’m sure you’ve all read about that tree by now.

I always own up about them though, and then come and tell you guys for good measure! 😉

Anyway a quick bodge job meant it could remain in place.

A walk today to check the series and no joy.

Somebody has removed it. Or I’m DNF’ing my own cache!

I walked the series and another cache was minus its container and log. It was found yesterday.

Did they just find the camo? I’m confused.

Still it’s no hardship doing a maintenance run when you place caches in a lovely place…can’t say that about lay-bys can you?

My peaceful place once again deserted with only the wildlife for company. Lovely!

Horses have moved onto the common for the Summer but thankfully they weren’t interested in me today. Lovely creatures, from a distance, preferably on the other side of a fence. 😉

The bridge which gives my loop its name, today the ideal resting spot for a Black Headed Gull. look up in the tree and you can even spot a Shag.

Nothing amusing about that sentence … Oh no 😉

There might even be a geocaching surprise under the bridge. Always better to find a cache than a troll.

The caches have now been fixed, ready to replace shortly.

I have the materials to reproduce the angelic masterpiece but for now I’ll watch and see what happens. In fact, for now the hide has gone from angelic to devilish.

The fake Ivy has come out to play!

Good luck with that future cachers!

If you want to steal it – you’ve got to find it first! 😉

11 thoughts on “Thirty Days Wild. Day 8 – A riverside walk

  1. Oh we are already thinking about what we would like to put in our caches. I think your walk is lovely too. We were hoping to find some in Albert Dock at the weekend but there were too many muggles about ha! Another great post Muddy Mum xx

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    1. Thanks Lisa. So addictive isn’t it?! I have lots of ideas for caches but just don’t know where to put them!
      I don’t do caches in busy areas very well, factor in my short attention span it’s a wonder I find any at all! 😁

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  2. Could it possibly be that people liked your hides and containers so much that they jacked them? Sad thought, but always a possibility.


    1. The previous finders were finding their very first caches so I can’t help but wonder if they weren’t returned as well as they maybe could have been.

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  3. Sorry to hear about your hides gone missing. Happens to me quite frequently in my letterbox hides, but I didn’t know it happened to y’all too.


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