gofest Review

gofest – a three day, family event held at the Surrey sports park. Pitched to me as a sporting Glastonbury. Given that I love festivals and I love keeping active it sounded great. In fact a friend even suggested it sounded like they had devised the event just for me….they did didn’t they? 😉 Tickets were available for the whole weekend or for single days. … Continue reading gofest Review

Thirty Days Wild.  Day 9 – Exercise outdoors

I love Tuesday. It’s double gym day. Body Combat in the morning and Body Attack at night. Awesome. Today time is against me. Drowning in a sea of admin and unpublished posts. I also need to be wild. My Thirty Days Wild pack suggests exercising outdoors.  Two birds, one stone – lets do it! Even better I can cover my loop and chuck my geocaches … Continue reading Thirty Days Wild.  Day 9 – Exercise outdoors

This Girl Certainly Can

Sport England are introducing what they describe as a ‘ground-breaking new campaign.’ A celebration of women getting active which they are calling This Girl Can. The statistics behind the campaign show that fewer women take part in sport than men, and that 75% of women aged 14-40 in England were wanting to exercise more. The sad truth is that many women are missing out on … Continue reading This Girl Certainly Can