The 50 things we did? The journey so far.

Part one. 1-10

As I’ve mentioned before we are working our way through the 50 things challenge, more accurately my eldest daughter has taken it on with gusto completing the tasks and her logs about them, whilst the others are happy for the fun but without giving a monkeys about the challenge.

Here’s a little update as to how we’ve been getting on:

1. Climb a tree.
An easy one to start with, this is something we do most weekends. See a tree, gotta climb it…


2. Roll down a big hill.
Living in Anglia we don’t have many hills, which means when we do come across one, whatever size the kids go crazy. Charging up and rolling down, whilst I pray silently that they dodge the dog do!


Personally I prefer leaping down sand dunes, except for the sand in your pants part that inevitably happens!

3. Camp out in the wild.
We camp, we glamp. I’d say we’ve got this one covered! I would like to take this one further though with a night here or at the Wicken fen wild camping site. Let’s face it, one night will be enough! :/

4. Build a den.
Again something we’ve done a lot of. My husband fancies himself as a master den builder, having sat in one of his creations as it fell down around my ears I’d say he needs a little more practice! 😉


5. Skim a stone.
The eldest has managed a skim, the younger two are practicing still. By practicing I of course mean hurling rocks down in frustration.

6. Run around in the rain.
Come on! rain doesn’t stop play here!

7. Fly a kite.
‘With tuppence for paper and string,’ or more accurately £8 for a bit of fish shaped nylon, this challenge was completed a few weeks ago on a windy day at the beach. All good fun, as long as you have the right type of wind of course. A frustrating exercise if not!


8. Catch a fish with a net.
Nope. This is one we need to work on. Far too much like fishing this one, and fishing has a tendency to make me fall asle zzzzz

9. Eat an apple straight from the tree.
Daughter completed this one this week whilst watering a friend’s garden. Picture taken she promptly spat it out declaring it disgusting. Smart girl – got the evidence first! 😉


10. Play conkers.
Half achievement here, conkers have been collected so I’m sure we’ll be doing battle soon. I’m guessing this may end up in violent sibling carnage. (Always used to when I was little!)

Now where did I put that drill?……

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